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Women’s Vintage Watches & Pre-owned Designer Watches

The Open for Vintage vintage women’s watch collection offers some serious arm candy.  Whether you are looking for a once in a lifetime purchase or a rare model to add your collection, these beautiful women’s vintage watches are timeless classics.  The beauty of them is that, as well as the excellence of the functionality of the watch, there is the added element of design which can take result in everything from stunningly jewelled creations to garish flights of fancy. 

The 20th century has been an era of extreme achievement for humankind and watches have been created to match these daring exploits.  It was to the wrist of a woman, that Hans Wildorf, founder of Rolex, strapped his first fully waterproof ‘Oyster’ watch in 1927.  Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel in October 1927 with her Oyster Rolex keeping perfect time.  A full page advertisement in the Daily Mail followed and the watch gained further kudos when, because of a false claim made against her achievement, Gleitze undertook a ‘verification’ swim in much colder conditions and, while she ultimately had to give up because of the temperature, her watch remained perfect.  In the 1930s aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart wore a Longines Chronograph for her two trans-Atlantic crossings and later an Omega 28.9 chronograph on her final trans-pacific attempt.  There can be no doubt that, however, beautifully designed, these watches matched and surpassed the exterior with the interior micro-engineering.  These women also marked a move towards the wristwatch.  While men had preferred the pocket watch and women the watch pinned as a brooch, wristwatches were the perfect choice for the work and leisure interests of women as their opportunities expanded in the 20th century. 

However, beyond the purely practical, there are lots of pieces to admire and enjoy in women’s designer watches.  From the quirky Hermès collection which form extensions of their most loved designs and handbags with the Médor and the Kelly lock watches, to the classic retro styling of women’s vintage Gucci watches with interchangeable faces and sherry stripes.  From melting vintage YSL heart shaped watches to the chain links, faux pearls or ceramic dials of vintage Chanel.  For luxury, Omega’s beautiful jewelled dress watches are perfect in miniature and Chopard’s ‘happy diamonds’ are an element of fun to an already elegant piece.  Or you might be a purest and a classic Rolex women’s watch is the only choice for you.  Open for Vintage has gathered the best in women’s vintage watches from around the world in our collection.

If women’s watches just don’t quite make the statement you’re looking for, don’t forget to check out our vintage men’s watch collection for plenty more to tempt.

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Hermes Kelly PM Red Leather & Gold Tone vintage ladies Wrist Watch

Authentic Hermes Kelly PM watch in gold tone & red leather

Rolex Cellini Gradation Square Face Blue Unisex Watch

Rolex Hand-winding, made in Switzerland
HK$14,150.31 HK$15,560.31

Rolex Oyster Precision Ref.6426 Silver Unisex Watch

Hand-winding, made in Switzerland S
HK$12,589.25 HK$15,560.31

Antique 1888 Swiss Sterling Silver & Gold Pocket Watch

Antique Swiss sterling silver pocket watch c.1888 featuring hand painted bright gold detailing and roman numerals.

Must de Cartier Colisee Vermeil Change Strap Watch

Must de Cartier Colisée gold vermeil watch with a bright orange or blue crocodile changeable strap
HK$7,049.98 HK$8,006.76

Hermes Gold Plated Steel Pullman Watch

Hermes Pullman watch in steel and gold plated steel.
HK$11,826.24 HK$11,783.53

Rolex Pearlmaster Tridor Ref.69298 Ladies Watch

Rolex Pearlmaster Tridor Ref.69298 Ladies Watch

Rolex Oyster Precision Unisex Watch

Rolex Oyster Precision Unisex Watch

Yves Saint Laurent Heart Face Black Watch

YSL heart shaped quartz gold tone watch with a black leather strap
HK$3,222.85 HK$3,676.06

Omega Black De Ville Watch

Omega De Ville watch in black with a gold tone face.
HK$3,222.85 HK$3,676.06

Celine Pink Gold Tone Watch

Celine watch in gold tone metal with a pink strap.
HK$3,222.85 HK$3,676.06

Christian Dior Lady Dior Silver Logo Face Watch

Dior Lady Dior watch in silver with a logo face.
HK$3,222.85 HK$3,676.06

Rolex Brown Cellini 6111 18K Watch

Rolex Cellini 6111 watch in 18K gold with a brown leather strap.
HK$22,912.43 HK$27,444.56

Cartier Blue Must Colisee Vermeil Bleu Watch

Cartier Must Colisee Vermeil Bleu watch in aqua blue.
HK$7,049.98 HK$8,006.76

Hermes 1990s Tan Square H Face Watch

Hermes 1990s watch in tan with a square H shape face.
HK$8,359.26 HK$9,467.11

Cartier Gold and Black Must Tank Diamond Watch

Cartier Must Tank watch in gold and black with diamond detailing.
HK$29,660.26 HK$33,638.47

Hermes Yellow Kelly Jaune d'Or Watch

Hermes Kelly Jaune d'Or watch in yellow.
HK$4,179.63 HK$5,337.84

Cartier Bordeaux Must Vendome Vermeil Watch

Cartier Must Vendome Vermeil watch in bordeaux.
HK$8,359.26 HK$9,467.11

Hermes 1996 Black Kelly Havana Watch

Hermes 1996 Kelly Havana watch in gold and black.
HK$5,186.77 HK$5,891.77

Cartier Colisee 18K Gold Ladies Watch

Cartier Colisee 18K Gold Ladies Watch

Chanel Black Patent Matelasse Watch

Chanel matelasse watch in patent black.
HK$3,222.85 HK$3,676.06

Gucci Silver Tone Chain Multiple Belt Watch

Gucci watch in silver tone metal. Comes with three additional belts.
HK$2,769.63 HK$3,172.49

Chanel Black Premiere Crocodile Belt Watch

Chanel Premiere watch in black with a crocodile skin belt.
HK$11,431.04 HK$13,848.17

Omega 14K White Gold Watch

Vintage Omega watch in 14K white gold.
HK$6,244.27 HK$8,006.76

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