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Vintage Womens Sandals

Wearing the perfect pair of stunning sandals can make you feel like a goddess.  Whether you are an Artemis, Athena or Aphrodite, sandals come in every form imaginable and designers have taken the most minimal of footwear to create mini masterpieces for your feet.  

Though sandals have come in and out of use of the centuries (or even millennia) in the 20th century, it was the 1920’s that brought sandals back into fashion for men and women.  These vintage style sandals are now very rarely found in their original forms but remain copied and repeated to today.  In the 1930’s during a period of financial uncertainty in his company, Salvatore Ferragamo found inspiration in the cheap materials he had to hand such as raffia, cork and cellophane.  He took out a patent for a cork-soled shoe of plaited straw in 1936 and in the 1940’s went on to create one of his most iconic and innovate creations: the ‘invisible sandal’ which used a cut away cork wedge base with a strappy upper formed of a continuous strand of nylon threaded back and forth through the sole.  These vintage platform sandals proved hugely popular and won the Neiman Marcus Award.  In the 1950’s with business going strong in Florence, Ferragamo patented the ‘cage’ heel used as part of his ‘Calypso’ sling-back sandals of 1955.  It was during this decade that the goddess sandal truly came into creation with a pair of 18 K gold sandals made in collaboration with the jewellers of Ponte Vecchio using gold chain straps and gold plated sole and heel. 

Ferragamo certainly proved the versatility of sandals and the subsequent decades proved that a pair of sandals could be the height of glamour but also the most basic for of footwear.  During the 1960’s sandals well and truly hit the ground with simple leather strap ‘Jesus’ sandals and the classic Birkenstock.  Flat sandals had been popular in Europe from the 1930’s as an easy form of footwear for sun and beach in the new active and athletic age.  Now, three decades later they were adopted to express the free spirited anti-fashion movement.  This continued into the 1970’s but contrasted sharply with the rise of the high heel sandal as the perfect footwear for disco.  Metallic sandals paired with a perfect flowing Halston dress has been a look much repeated and still as loved then as now.  Whether you are aiming for the giddy heights of a stiletto heel, a summer wedge or a perfect pair of summer flat sandals, Open for Vintage’s collection of vintage sandals is sure to tempt. 

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