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Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Collection

Yves Saint Laurent is that most classic and revered of design institutions: a Paris fashion house, but it is built on the work of one of the greatest and yet rebellious couturiers France has ever seen.  The Open for Vintage Yves Saint Laurent collection celebrates this unique pioneer with pieces marking the history of his career.

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent was born in 1936 in Oran in Algeria and spent a childhood creating paper dolls and designs for his mother and sisters.  1953 his sketches won first place in a competition for young designers and the awards ceremony brought him to Paris and to the attention of Michel de Brunhoff, the then editor-in-chief of French Vogue magazine.  Brunhoff encouraged the 17 year old Saint Laurent to apply to study at the Paris based Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.  It was after completing this course and again winning the young designers competition again that Brunhoff saw more sketches from the budding designer.  In these sketches Brunhoff recognised the talent and, more significantly, a symbiosis with the work of Christian Dior which he had seen that very morning.  One introduction later and Saint Laurent entered the House of Dior.  Gradually Dior allowed Saint Laurent to design for the couture collections.  He said of Dior: 

‘I couldn't speak in front of him. He taught me the basis of my art. Whatever was to happen next, I never forgot the years I spent at by his side.’ 

Dior seems to have been equally enamoured with his protégé, naming him as his successor in 1957 before his sudden death.  At the age of 21 therefore, Saint Laurent found himself the head of the most revered and respected fashion house in Paris.  He did not disappoint with his first collection, the ‘Ligne Trapéze’ a resounding success.  However, it was after leaving Dior with a stint in National Service that, with his own label: Yves Saint Laurent YSL, made his true mark. 

During his almost 50 year career, Yves Saint Laurent changed not only how women wear clothes, but also, how they buy them.  The 1960s was a time when the youth rose and cultures and tastes opposed, blended and created a freedom in style and taste never previously encountered.  A young designer, Saint Laurent was not only connected to but was an integral part of youth taste and interests.  Unlike the grand couture houses, he was free to draw on his great loves for his designs during the 1960s and 1970s.  Most famously, he looked to Pop Art, Op Art, Piet Mondrian, Picasso and non-European cultures such as Africa and China to inspire his collections.  Most celebrated and influential were the ‘Mondrian’ dresses from his Winter 1965 which spawned a huge following in the mass market with its block colour and simple shape.  It was during the 1960’s that he became the first couture house to create an entire pret-a-porter collection in 1966 which made his clothes accessible to many for the first time.  It is often these Rive Gauche collections which are now prized as much as his haute couture work. 

Yves Saint Laurent not only understood culture but also how women wanted to look and feel in their clothes.  In the 1966 he created the iconic ‘Le Smoking’ trouser suit.  It is still revered as a turning point in women’s fashion and was hugely influential on the sleek aesthetic of the 1970s to follow and contrasted perfectly with the femininity of his sheer dresses and blouses of the late 1960s.  It also anticipated his infamous ‘Liberation’ collection of 1971 which looked back to the 1940's style of war time collaborators and drew heavily on the structured shapes and shoulder of this decade.  Though reviled by critics at the time it is now widely applauded and seen as an anticipation of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s inspired 1970’s style.   Through the 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent continued to produce Rive Gauche collections of rich colour, opulent embellishment and ruthless tailoring.  His Russian inspired collection of 1976 was admired at the time with capes, short frogged jackets and full peasant skirts.  Today, we can see his vision through the Yves Saint Laurent vintage womenswear and accessories pieces in the Open for Vintage Collection. With everything from vintage Rive Gauche dresses and ensembles to vintage YSL bags, vintage YSL sunglasses, vintage YSL belts, you can find your piece from the legacy, small or great.

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Yves Saint Laurent 1970s Silk Lamé Black Vintage Evening Blouse

An amazing Yves Saint Laurent evening blouse from the A/W 1977/78 collection, made from a fine black silk crêpe with interwoven gold-tone metal threads.

Yves Saint Laurent Rare Sterling Silver Bracelet Cuff

YSL Tom Ford era vintage silver cuff with oval black velvet panel

Yves Saint Laurent Embossed Croc Look Metallic Skate Sneakers

Saint Laurent Embossed Croc Look Metallic Skate Sneakers Slip On

Yves Saint Laurent Suede Sandal Brown Vintage High Heels

Yves Saint Laurent Tan & Gray Suede Sandals Pumps Heels Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Grey Suede High Heel Pumps

YSL high heel round toe pumps with high stiletto heels

Yves Saint Laurent Classic Brown Vintage Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Paris Brown Sunglasses Classic 1 49Mm 135

Yves Saint Laurent Faux Tortoiseshell SL 77 Brown Vintage Sunglasses Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Paris faux tortoiseshell SL 77 56mm sunglasses with green lenses

Yves Saint Laurent SL 77 Black Vintage Sunglasses

Saint Laurent back SL 77 56mm sunglasses with dark smoke blue lenses an silver tone accents

Yves Saint Laurent Tortoiseshell brown vintage Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Paris Tortoise Sunglasses Sl 57 49Mm 140

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Classic black vintage sunglasses

Saint Laurent Paris Black Sunglasses Classic 1 49Mm 135

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Gold Metal Tethys 57Mm Sunglasses

YSL 1980s vintage sunglasses with gold metal frames

Yves Saint Laurent Sophocle 782 56Mm Grey Sunglasses

YSL cat eye shaped transparent and grey marbled sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Naxos 825 54Mm Brown Vintage Marbled Sunglasses

YSL oversized Naxos model sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Sophocle 783 54Mm Vintage Sunglasses

YSL transparent and brown vintage sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Theia 55/15 292 Black Sunglasses

YSL black plastic vintage cat eye sunglasses with grey lenses

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Dark Brown vintage Sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Dark Brown Sunglasses 8732 P098

Yves Saint Laurent Aviator Black Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Aviator style sunglasses in black plastic.

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Theophane 53MM Burgundy Red Sunglasses

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Theophane 53mm sunglasses in burgundy red.

Yves Saint Laurent Unisex 8726 P093 58mm Black Vintage Sunglasses

Black vintage YSL unisex 8726 P093 58mm sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Unisex Orion 57Mm Orange Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage orange YSL unisex Orion 57mm sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent Unisex Asterius 60Mm Gold Sunglasses

YSL Asterius sunglasses with gold tone frames and brown lenses

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Argos Transparent Tan Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses from the 1980s in a transparent and tan shade, model Argos.

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Iris Transparent Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent transparent sunglasses from the 1980s, model Iris.

Yves Saint Laurent Euterpe Rhinestone Embellished Red Sunglasses

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Euterpe rhinestone-embellished sunglasses in red and transparent.

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