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The owners of Vintage von Werth have been sourcing superb vintage 20th century high fashion since 2005 from their base in Hamburg, Germany. With a keen eye for superb pieces, unique gems and a passion for rare and one-of-a-kind designers, their expansive collection is a vintage & collectors dream. A mantra of "stand out from the crowd" is immediately evident in their bright & bold Moschino, striking Yves Saint Laurent & over-the-top Versace pieces to name but a few! Haute Couture sits alongside equally stunning but more affordable items so there is something for every taste.

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MOSCHINO Roy Lichtenstein "Girl with Hair Ribbon" Print Skirt Size M-L

A rare and very collectible Moschino skirt with the iconic comic print based on Roy Lichtenstein's painting „Girl with Hair Ribbon“ from 1965.

MOSCHINO by Redwall Vintage Collectible Teddy Bear Backpack

A highly collectible Moschino teddy bear backback.

YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970s Vintage Evening Dress Crystal Buttons Size S

A rare Yves Saint Laurent evening dress from the 1970s with crystal rhinestone buttons.

YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970s Vintage Crushed Velvet Maxi Skirt Size M

This black crushed velvet maxi skirt is one of Yves Saint Laurent's signature classics.

YVES SAINT LAURENT c. 1983 Documented Vintage Sequin Evening Jacket Size S-M

A stunning Yves Saint Laurent sequin evening jacket.

PACO RABANNE c. 1996 Vintage Rhodoid Disc Dress

A rare Paco Rabanne DIY rhodoid disc dress from c. 1996, based on Rabanne's iconic disc dress from 1966, one of the most famous and best documented designs in fashion history.

CHRISTIAN DIOR by John Galliano A/W 2001/02 Champion Belt Size S-M

This iconic champion hip belt is made of thick black genuine leather adorned with a large embossed silver-tone metal plate and eyelets. One of the keypieces of Christian Dior by John Galliano A/W 2001/02.

GIVENCHY 1960s Couture Evening Gown Belted Maxi Dress Size XXS-XS

A rare Givenchy couture evening dress from the 1960s, entirely done by hand and constructed exquisitely.

PACO RABANNE Liquid Silver Metallic Mini Dress Size S

A fabulous Paco Rabanne metallic slip-on party dress as worn by Kate Moss and Martha Hunt.

PACO RABANNE Liquid Silver Metallic Evening Dress Size XXS-XS

A fabulous Paco Rabanne metallic slip-on party dress as worn by Kate Moss and Martha Hunt.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Necklace Gunmetal Rhinestones

This bold Yves Saint Laurent necklace is made of dark silver grey metal with countless sparkling red rhinestones.

PIERRE CARDIN 1960s Vintage Large "Kiss" Sunglasses Frame Rainbow NOS

An iconic Pierre Cardin "Kiss" sunglasses rainbow gradient frame from the 1960s, new-old stock and unworn.

PIERRE CARDIN 1960s Vintage Small "Kiss" Sunglasses Frame Rainbow NOS

An iconic Pierre Cardin "Kiss" sunglasses rainbow gradient frame from the 1960s, new-old stock and unworn.

EMILIO PUCCI 1960s Vintage Signature Print Silk Dress Size XS-S

An exceptionally beautiful Emilio Pucci silk jersey dress featuring a graphic floral print with the iconic "Emilio" signature scattered throughout.

LEONARD 1970s Vintage Printed Silk Jersey Dress Size M-L

This beautiful Leonard dress from the 1970s is made of the typical fine silk jersey featuring a bold print in various shades of pink, beige and orange with the famous Leonard signature scattered throughout.

BESSI 1970s Silk Jersey & Chiffon Maxi Evening Gown Size M-L

A dreamy Averardo Bessi grey and pink silk evening gown from the 1970s.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Vintage Lace-Up Denim Corset Top As Worn By Kim Kardashian Size S-M

An iconic vintage Junior Gaultier salmon pink denim top as worn by Kim Kardashian.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Vintage Lace-Up Denim Skirt Size XXS

This iconic vintage Junior Gaultier skirt from the 1980s or early 1990s is made of salmon pink denim and features a very fitted, very sexy cut and sits at knee-length.

YVES SAINT LAURENT c. 1970 Documented Day Dress Size S

A rare and documented Yves Saint Laurent day dress from 1970.

LOUIS FÉRAUD 1960s Vintage Colourblock Mod Dress Size M-L

A rare Louis Féraud colourblock mod dress from the late 1960s with silver-tone metal embellishments.

LOUIS FÉRAUD 1960s Vintage Graphic Printed Maxi Dress Size S

A rare Louis Féraud maxi dress from the late 1960s featuring a bold graphic print in dark brown, sienna, orange, pink and black with the Louis Féraud signature scattered throughout.

YVES SAINT LAURENT c. 1970 Vintage Maxi Skirt Peplum Jacket Size XS

A rare Yves Saint Laurent skirt suit from c. 1970 as worn by Raquel Welch.

YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970s Vintage Russian Collection Belt Size XS-S

A rare Yves Saint Laurent tassel belt from the iconic Russian Collection.

CHRISTIAN DIOR 1960s Vintage Brocade Cocktail Dress Size S-M

An exceptionally beautiful Christian Dior brocade cocktail dress from the 1960s.

LOUIS FÉRAUD 1960s 1970s Vintage Halterneck Evening Gown Size S

A rare Louis Féraud halterneck gown from the late 1960s or early 1970s with an exceptionally beautiful print.

LORIS AZZARO 1970s Vintage "Three Rings" Jersey Dress Size S-M

The "Three Rings" dress is undoubtedly Loris Azzaro's most iconic design. Originally released in the early 1970s and reissued in 2014, these dresses came in various colours and with ornate beading.

MOSCHINO Vintage Bull's Eye Darts Print Skirt Size L

This rare vintage Moschino pencil skirt features the iconic bull's eye darts print in black and red against a cream beige background.

THIERRY MUGLER 1990s Vintage Maxi Evening Dress Black Size S

A spectacular statuesque Thierry Mugler evening dress from the 1990s.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN A/W 1998 "Joan" Strapless Boned Top Size S

A rare Alexander McQueen strapless top from the A/W 1996 "Joan" collection.

NINA RICCI 1980s Vintage Ostrich Feather Jacket Size S NWT

This showstopping Nina Ricci ostrich feather evening jacket from the 1980s consists of literally millions of super fine and soft feathers that move beautifully at the slightest breath of air.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Velvet Evening Jacket Size S

A beautiful Yves Saint Laurent velvet jacket from the late 1970s or early 1980s, instantly recognizable and a beloved classic.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN S/S 2002 "Dance of the Twisted Bull" Skirt Suit Size S

This rare Alexander McQueen suit from S/S 2002, the "Dance of the Twisted Bull" collection, comprises a corseted jacket and an asymmetrical ruffled skirt.

ISSEY MIYAKE F/W 1987/88 Documented Plaid Jacket w/ Twisted Collar Size S

This Issey Miyake jacket from F/W 1987 features a sculptural cut that is especially interesting in combination with the checkered pattern.

CHANEL S/S 1993 Vintage Round Logo Signature Sunglasses

These rare Chanel logo sunglasses from S/S 1993, originally modeled by Kristen McMenamy, feature a white plastic frame with round tinted lenses and "Chanel Paris" and interlocking "CC" detailing.

COURRÈGES Vintage 1965 Space Age Eskimo Sunglasses

Iconic and well-documented Courrèges "Eskimo" sunglasses from 1965 with an off-white plastic frame and lenses with slit cutout details.

SILHOUETTE Futura 562 c. 1974 Vintage Sunglasses Yellow

Having been released in 1974, Silhouette's Futura 562 is now one of the most coveted collectible sunglasses on the market.

MOSCHINO Couture! S/S 1991 Lifesaver Jacket Size M

This iconic lifesaver jacket from Moschino's S/S 1991 Couture! collection is a rare runway piece that has originally been modeled by the inimitable Pat Cleveland.

MOSCHINO 1990s Vintage Rainbow Mini Dress Size S

This iconic Moschino dress features a rainbow-coloured front and a solid black back.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER S/S 1996 Cyberbaba Body Illusion Jacket Size L

A rare Jean Paul Gaultier jacket from S/S 1996 featuring the iconic body illusion print in vivid colours.

YVES SAINT LAURENT S/S 1990 Vintage Cropped Jacket Size M

This Yves Saint Laurent jacket from Spring/Summer 1990 is an instantly recognizable signature piece.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Quilted Evening Jacket Size XS-S

This glamorous Yves Saint Laurent evening jacket from the 1970s or 1980s is made of a diagonally quilted jacquard fabric in a deep shade of purple with black silk edges.

CHRISTIAN DIOR 2003/2004 Rastafari Reggae Bob Marley Mini Skirt Size S

A Christian Dior stretch denim mini skirt from 2003/2004 featuring the iconic Rastafari inspired print in bold colours.

YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970s Vintage Secretary Dress Size S

This rare Yves Saint Laurent day dress from the 1970s is made of a dark blue crêpe with a graphic plaid print in white, red and green.

YVES SAINT LAURENT 1970s Vintage Burgundy Velvet Jacket XS

A fabulous Yves Saint Laurent burgundy velvet jacket with black cut glass buttons.

EMILIO PUCCI 1970s Vintage Printed Silk Dress Size S

An especially beautiful vintage Emilio Pucci silk jersey dress featuring a fabulous floral print.

PIERRE CARDIN 1960s Vintage Coat Wool & Suede Size XS-S

A spectacular Pierre Cardin black wool coat from the late 1960s with suede details.

GIVENCHY 1970s Vintage Green Jacquard Silk Dress Size XXS-XS

A superchic green jacquard silk dress by the house of Givenchy.

ROBERTA DI CAMERINO 1970s Vintage Trompe l'Oeil Maxi Dress Size XS

A fabulous Roberta di Camerino maxi dress from the 1970s with a typical trompe l'oeil print in green, two shades of purple, black and yellow.