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Prada Vintage Collection

Established in 1913 at Milan’s prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Prada remains one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion houses. Founded by Prada Brothers (“Fratelli Prada”) Mario and Martino as a leather goods shop, Mario’s daughter Luisa Prada took the helm of Prada as his successor for almost 20 years. Next in line, her daughter Miuccia Prada joined the company in 1970, eventually taking over after her mother in 1978. Extending the repertoire of bags and luggage, Prada launched its first women's ready-to-wear collection in 1989, to the fashion crowd’s great delight. The designs came to be known for their considered approach to luxury, with a large emphasis on opulent fabrics, fuss-free silhouettes and trans-seasonal colours. Compared to their logo-heavy peers, Prada was a silent rebellion: pushing an image of anti-status and self-expression through subtle design rather than labels. Today, the designs are far more experimental, benefitting from Miuccia’s intelligent and imaginative creativity. The contemporary art scene is a recurring point of reference, as is popular culture and the state of current affairs, which Miuccia responds to without ever getting too political. This modern approach to running a heritage label has secured Prada’s continuous relevance and status as an opinion-leading trendsetter.

Open for Vintage’s ever-changing collection spans decades of pre-loved Prada pieces, including bags, shoes and dresses – all hand-picked by our in-house team of vintage fashion enthusiasts.

OfV says: From novelty nylon bags to espadrille platform oxfords, trust in Prada for pioneering statement pieces that have surprised and astonished even the most senior of fashion editors. Seasonal must-haves aside, the brand hosts a repertoire of recurring staples too, especially in the accessories segment. Who has never dreamt of an immortal Saffiano tote in Prada’s signature orange, fuchsia pink or teal blue? Those building up their basics should also consider the brand’s era-spanning interpretations of the LBD, ranging from fur-trimmed dropped waist dresses with Flapper flair to office-friendly, ever so versatile sheath dresses. For the sartorially daring, embrace Miuccia’s creative mastermind translated into logo-printed denim Boston bags or quirky contrast sole strap sandals with asymmetrical heels. Blurring the boundaries between what’s ugly and beautiful, Prada can be held accountable for the sartorial shift that led to “ugly chic” and, some argue, the upswing for vintage fashion at large. What better way to honour this achievement than to invest in a vintage Prada piece from the archives?

Browse the Open for Vintage collection now for exclusive, luxury designer pieces from Prada as well as other iconic brands such as Balmain, Gucci and Bottega Veneta.

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Prada brown wool skirt suit

Style Keyword : Suits ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , ,
4.887,27 kr

Prada Pink Suede Handbag

Style Keyword : Top Handle Bags ,Length (inches) : 10 ,Height (inches) : 15 ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,Width (inches) : 3 ,specification : Pink, Suede, ,Size : H 15 in. x W 3 in. x D 10 in. ,
4.406,51 kr

Prada Brown/Black/White Sequinned Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , ,
5.174,13 kr

Prada Pink and Multi Colour Saffiano Print Handbag

Style Keyword : Top Handle Bags ,Style : Retro ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,specification : Pink, , ,
4.219,90 kr

Prada Dark Green and White Pattern Nylon Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Green ,Gender : Female ,specification : Green, , ,
4.813,64 kr

Prada Black Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,
4.495,53 kr

Prada Pink Sleeveless Collar Shirt

Style Keyword : Tops (Blouses & Shirts) ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,specification : Pink, Cotton^Rayon, ,
3.557,73 kr

Prada Python with Tortoiseshell Shoulder Strap Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Length (inches) : 12 ,Height (inches) : 10 ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , ,Size : H 10 in. x D 12 in. ,
5.011,60 kr

Prada Burgundy Silk and Satin Black Ribbons Sleeveless Dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Style : Cocktail ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,
5.237,34 kr

Prada Black Nylon with Detachable Black Faux Fur Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, Polyester^Acrylic, ,
9.752,20 kr

Prada Vintage dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,specification : Pink, , Excellent ,Size : 42 ,
2.199,49 kr

Prada Black jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , Excellent ,Size : XS ,
2.894,07 kr

Prada Vintage jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Nude & Neutrals ,Gender : Female ,specification : Nude & Neutrals, , Excellent ,Size : 42 ,
3.993,81 kr

Prada Virgin wool jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , Excellent ,Size : 38 ,
8.566,44 kr

Prada Silk skirt

Style Keyword : Skirts ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , Excellent ,Size : 40 ,
1.157,63 kr

Prada Cocco earrings

Style Keyword : Earrings ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , Excellent ,
1.504,92 kr

Prada Finges shoulder bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Purple ,Gender : Female ,specification : Purple, , Excellent ,
6.772,12 kr

1990s Prada dark purple dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Purple ,Gender : Female ,specification : Purple, , ,
2.559,98 kr

Prada black dress still with tags

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,
4.771,04 kr

PRADA Bijoux Saffiano Jewels Hand Bag

Style Keyword : Handbags & Luggage
Gender : Female
Width (inches) : 9 in. (23 cm)
specification : Blue, , New or Never Worn. The bag is new/unworn, it has a very little stain (probably label glue) in one handle..
Size : Width: 9 in. (23 cm), Length:None
12.497,28 kr

Prada Black Leather Shoulder bag, a Pristine '2way City' Calf Leather Tote

Style Keyword : Trousers
Gender : Female
specification : Black, Calf leather Colour: Black, Excellent
Size : Width: None, Length:None
15.621,60 kr

Prada Galleria Saffiano Peach Coral Ostrich Leather Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Orange ,Gender : Female ,specification : Orange, Leather, ,
34.239,59 kr

Prada Orange Saffiano Leather Rhinestones Bracelet Cuff 1Ajm93

Style Keyword : Bracelets ,Style : Art Deco ,Colour : Gold ,Gender : Female ,specification : Gold, Metal, Used ,Size : see description ,
7.188,86 kr

Prada Brown Suede Satchel Handbag

Style Keyword : Satchels ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, Suede, Used ,Size : M ,
4.153,57 kr

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