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Moschino Vintage Collection

Master of the irreverent and playful, Franco Moschino founded his eponymous fashion house in 1983 with the blessings of the late Gianni Versace. Starting off with a line of jeans, Moschino soon delved into womenswear, accessories and perfume – all embracing his signature cheeky more is more aesthetic. Famed for his rebellious, poke-in-the-eye commentary on the industry (eg. “There is no such thing as good taste”), Moschino controversially made fun of the fashion victims that were his followers. In 2006, with Rossella Jardini at the steering wheel, Moschino designed the outfits for Kylie Minogue’s “Showgirl” tour; in 2008, dressed Madonna for her “Sticky & Sweet” tour, and in 2011 the brand provided six outfits for Lady Gaga.

A firm believer that fashion should be fun and have meaning, Moschino’s eccentric and controversial designs live on to date through current creative director Jeremy Scott who has taken the brand to new, contemporary, quirky heights. After appropriating the logos of McDonalds, Barbie and Coca-Cola, Scott has once again cemented the brand as the talking point of fashion month, and gained a cheerful cult following with it. Scott’s playful spin on pop culture (and successful up-keeping of the brand identity) has also increased the popularity of the less flamboyant vintage designs. The much coveted Moschino logo buckle belt and rare novelty print bomber jackets are firm fashion editor favourites.

Today, the brand consists of three labels: Moschino (the main line), Moschino Cheap and Chic (women's secondary line, created in 1988), Love Moschino (the diffusion line, known as Moschino Jeans from 1986 to 2008), in order of exclusivity.

Open for Vintage’s ever-changing collection spans decades of pre-loved Moschino pieces including bags, shoes and dresses – all hand-picked by our in-house team of vintage fashion enthusiasts.

OfV says: Moschino is the brand of choice for the fun, the bold and the sartorially daring. Open for Vintage’s collection of vintage Moschino clothing and accessories spans decades of the brand’s much coveted designs. Expect diversity: from super-wearable feminine blazers to playful metallic dungaree dresses and Jeremy Scott’s twisted logo accessories, there is a more or less vibrant and wacky Moschino piece for all, whether you’re in for the entire lifestyle or just a night of “more is more” fun.

Browse the Open for Vintage collection now for exclusive, luxury designer pieces from Prada as well as other iconic brands such as Balmain, Gucci and Bottega Veneta.

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Moschino 1990s 'Fashion is No More' Vintage Maxi Dress

Moschino "Fashion is No More" Slinky Black Jersey Maxi Dress, 1990s

Moschino 1990s Men's Italian Wool Blazer

Moschino Men's Vintage Italian Wool Blazer with Satin Stripe Lining, 1990s

Moschino jeans "Moschifo" Black & White Skirt

Style Keyword : Trousers & Jeans ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,

Moschino 1990s Crochet Beaded Fishnet Black Vintage Evening Dress

An iconic Moschino fishnet gown featuring a long crochet skirt with beaded fringes.

Moschino 1990s "Read Between The Lines" Fringe Vintage Maxi Dress

An iconic Moschino "Read Between The Lines" fringe dress from the 1990s.

Moschino 1990s Safety Pin Black Top and Skirt Black Vintage Set

An iconic Moschino safety pin set from the 1990s consisting of a loose-fitting tank top and a maxi skirt.

Moschino 1990s "Filosofia" Black Vintage Shift Dress

A gorgeous Moschino Cheap and Chic "Filosofia" mini dress from the 1990s made from two feathery light fabric layers.

Moschino Couture! 1990s Black & White Polka Dot Vintage Jacket

A fabulous Moschino Couture! jacket featuring the cutest black and white polka dot print.

Moschino 1990s Stars & Stripes Red and Blue Vintage Waistcoat

A fabulous Moschino waistcoat featuring a bold stars & stripes design.

Moschino 1990s Italian Flag Vintage Jacket and Waistcoat Set

A striking Moschino set from the A/W 1992/93 collection consisting of a jacket and its matching vest.

Missoni Multi-Coloured Striped Black Dress - 2010's

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, Viscose Blend (52% Viscose, 22% Polyester, 13% Acrylic, 13% Wool), ,Size : 6 (UK) / 2 (US) ,

Moschino Pink Flower Cotton Shirt

Style Keyword : Tops (Blouses & Shirts) ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,specification : Pink, , ,Size : D 19.69 in. ,

Moschino Black Boots Cotton Shirt

Style Keyword : Boots ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 21.26 in. ,

Moschino Cheap & Chic Red Wool Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Red ,Gender : Female ,specification : Red, , ,Size : D 27.17 in. ,

Moschino Jeans Cotton Print Dress

Style Keyword : Trousers & Jeans ,Colour : Silver ,Gender : Female ,specification : Silver, , ,Size : D 35.44 in. ,

Moschino Green gold tone hardware Dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Green ,Gender : Female ,specification : Green, , ,Size : D 33.08 in. ,
£385.53 £480.00

Moschino Cheap & Chic Pink Dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Pink ,Gender : Female ,specification : Pink, , ,Size : D 34.65 in. ,

Moschino Cheap & Chic Black Leather Dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 33.47 in. ,

Moschino Couture Black White Graffiti Print Dress NWOT

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Style : Couture ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 32.29 in. ,

Moschino 1990s cotton daisy print black & white vintage blazer

Eye-catching "Love me, Love me not" daisy print blazer by Moschino from the 1990s

Vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic black Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 22.84 in. ,

Moschino Black Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 23.63 in. ,

Moschino Wool Grey Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Grey ,Gender : Female ,specification : Grey, , ,Size : D 25.99 in. ,

Iconim Museum Piece Moschino Leather Patchwork Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : D 18.12 in. ,
£2,610.34 £3,800.00

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