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Master of the irreverent and playful, Franco Moschino founded his eponymous fashion house in 1983. With bold & bright designs, he built Moschino to the height of fashion while always maintaining a satirical eye on the industry until his early death in 1994. Find fabulous pieces, from couture to caricature, charting the label’s entire history to date in the Open for Vintage collection. Or browse the Open for Vintage collection for exclusive, luxury designer pieces from other iconic brands such as Chanel, YSL & Dior.

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Moschino Jeans Button Side White Vintage Trousers

Moschino Jeans button side contrast stitch trousers with silver tone heart stamped buttons
102.80 fr.

Moschino Couture! Pink Vintage Bow Tie

Moschino Couture bow tie, new with tags
112.83 fr.

Moschino Couture 1980s Houndstooth Red Vintage Jacket

Moschino Couture 1980s red and black houndstooth jacket with leather shoulders
515.28 fr.

Moschino Leather 1990s Museum Iconic Patchwork Black Vintage Jacket

Moschino Rare and unique circus style patchwork vintage leather jacket
4'052.00 fr.

Moschino Jeans 1990s Colour Block Corduroy Multicolour Vintage Waistcoat

Vintage Moschino Jeans multicoloured waistcoat with peace symbol buttons
525.31 fr.

Moschino junior 1970s "Lotteria Italiana" comic strip multicolour vintage shorts"

Moschino Junior mini shorts with comic strip shorts
299.64 fr.

Moschino Swim Velour Trompe L'Oeil Pink Vintage Mini Dress

Moschino Swim velour mini dress with elasticated waist and printed black trompe l'oeil design
234.44 fr.

Moschino Jeans 1990s knitted zig zag striped Brown Vintage Maxi Skirt

Vintage Moschino Jeans skirt knitted with a red, white, yellow and brown zig zag stripe design
300.89 fr.

Moschino Jeans 1980s Rare Patchwork Multicoloured Vintage Skirt

Moschino Jeans rare symbol patchwork print multicoloured skirt
729.66 fr.

Moschino 1980s Se Ne Importa (Who Cares) Tartan Red Vintage Jeans

Iconic Moschino "Who Cares" tartan jeans
472.65 fr.

Moschino 1970s Swarovski crystal fuchsia pink vintage belt buckle

Bright pink belt with crystal buckle by Swarovski
235.70 fr.

MOSCHINO Redwall black Vintage Evening Bucket Bag

Lace up bucket style Moschino vintage bag
275.82 fr.

Moschino 1980s Love Is All Around patterned black vintage Scarf

A vintage Moschino scarf with red & white pattern on a black background
194.33 fr.

Moschino Jeans 1980s Gold Leather vintage Jacket

Fitted gold leather jacket by Moschino Jeans
1'058.46 fr.

Moschino 20 Billion Served Red Leather vintage shoulder Bag

Moschino 20 Billion Served Red Leather vintage shoulder Bag
601.78 fr.

Moschino "Fashion Kills" white leather vintage shoulder bag

Rare Moschino "Fashion Kills" Bag
658.20 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s 3 piece "Hoop" red & black vintage Skirt Suit

A stunning vintage Moschino "Hoop" skirt suit consisting of a jacket and its matching top and skirt
601.78 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Sewing Pattern black vintage Maxi Dress

A rare and fabulous Moschino maxi dress from the 1990s featuring a rad sewing pattern print
470.14 fr.

MOSCHINO 1980s Redwall GIVE ME A BREAK blue Vintage Belt

A rare and iconic vintage Moschino Redwall "GIVE ME A BREAK" slogan belt from the 1980s
294.62 fr.

MOSCHINO 1980s Redwall I FEEL GREAT blue Vintage Belt

A rare and iconic vintage Moschino Redwall "I FEEL GREAT" slogan belt from the 1980s
294.62 fr.

Moschino 1990s 28k Brown vintage Belt

Brown leather Moschino belt with a gold tone bar stamped '28K MOSCHINO'
201.85 fr.

Moschino "I am what I am" cream leather belt

Moschino cream leather statement belt
171.76 fr.

Moschino white clouds blue vintage belt

Pale blue belt with white cloud motif by Moschino
257.01 fr.

Moschino 1980s multicolour vintage jacket

Black brown & white patterned vintage Moschino jacket
356.05 fr.

Moschino Cheap & Chic 1970s black vintage jacket

Vintage 1970s Moschino Cheap & Jacket jacket with covered buttons
257.01 fr.

Moschino Cheap & Chic 1980s Puzzle vintage jacket

Puzzle design black & white jacket by Moschino Cheap & Chic
468.89 fr.

Moschino 1980s leather & metal black vintage skirt

Leather skirt embellished with brass flowers by Moschino
734.68 fr.

Moschino logo light blue vintage belt

Moschino NWOT Logo light blue vintage belt
119.10 fr.

Moschino Spongebob Effect vintage choker

Colour : Black
Condition : New or Never Worn
specification : New or Never Worn
236.95 fr.

Moschino gold tone metal & leather pink vintage belt

Moschino logo belt in pink leather
193.07 fr.

Moschino Tulip Print White Vintage Jacket

Vintage Moschino Jeans jacket with tulip print on white ground and zip front with peace symbol toggle
491.46 fr.

Moschino 1980s white & blue vintage jacket

White & blue patterned jacket by Moschino
213.13 fr.

Moschino wool red & black vintage Jacket & skirt suit

Classic red wool suit with black trim by Moschino
419.99 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Multi-Coloured Cake vintage Jacket

A fabulous Moschino jacket with floral trimming and delicious "stacked cake" patch pockets
401.19 fr.

MOSCHINO A/W 1992/93 Italian Flag red & green vintage Jacket & Vest Set

A striking Moschino vest and jacket with a lovely tribute to the Italian flag
564.17 fr.

MOSCHINO 1980s Pebbled Leather brown Vintage Clutch Bag

A rare, extra-large Moschino pebbled leather clutch with twelve decorative signature buttons
351.04 fr.

MOSCHINO Couture Polka Dot Vintage Jacket

A Moschino Couture! polka dot blazer with padded hips and heart-shaped buttons
401.19 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Stickman black vintage skirt suit

A striking Moschino skirt suit with large stickman appliqués
438.80 fr.

MOSCHINO Cropped logo black & white vintage jacket

A fab Moschino jacket embellished with Moschino Cheap and Chic labels
401.19 fr.

MOSCHINO 1980s Vintage Carpet Pants

Outstanding vintage Moschino granny square style "carpet" pants from the late 1980s
219.40 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Square graffiti vintage Square Silk Scarf

A rare vintage Moschino silk scarf featuring a bold print
219.40 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Printed vintage Silk Scarf

A stunning vintage Moschino silk scarf featuring a striking print in bold colors
219.40 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s SOS Save Our Sphere Vintage Silk Scarf

A rare Moschino silk jacquard scarf with fabulous "SOS - Save Our Sphere" print
219.40 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Fishnet Crochet Beaded vintage Evening Dress

An iconic Moschino fishnet gown with beaded crochet fringes and a long crochet skirt with beaded hem
940.28 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s "Read Between The Lines" Fringe Black and White Vintage Dress

An iconic, very rare Moschino "Read Between The Lines" fringe dress from the 1990s
846.26 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Safety Pin punk black vintage top & skirt set

An iconic Moschino safety pin set consisting of a tank top and a maxi skirt
689.54 fr.

MOSCHINO 1990s Filosofia Shift vintage Mini Dress XS

A two-layered vintage Moschino dress with large scale transparent lettering
313.43 fr.

MOSCHINO Redwall Metal & Leather Applique Vintage Belt

A spectacular & rare vintage Moschino belt with floral appliqués and tassel closure
564.17 fr.

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