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Fifty years older than the Eiffel Tower and better loved in Paris, Hermès is to French fashion what a boulangerie is to French food.  And, stretching the metaphor, just like a perfectly baked French croissant, though many have tried, there is no imitating the perfection of their iconic creations.  Maintaining the skills and expertise of the 19th century saddler origins of the brand, Hermès bags, belts and accessories are coveted around the world for their craftsmanship and incomparable quality. Browse the Open for Vintage collection now for exclusive, luxury designer pieces from Hermès as well as other iconic brands such as Chanel, YSL & Gucci.

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Hermes Kelly Vermilion red strap vintage ladies watch

Size : Watch face: 4cm — W 2cm — Overall length: 14-17cm Adjustable hook: 6
5.621,07 kr

Hermes Reversible Puffer mushroom print vintage Jacket

Wacky mushroom printed reversible jacket by Hermes
11.749,02 kr

Hermes 1990s Camel-Hair A-Line brown vintage Coat

Classic camel hair coat by Hermes
13.615,77 kr

Vintage 1960's Hermes Sport Embroidered Monogram Raincoat in Navy

Vintage 1960's Hermes Sport Embroidered Monogram Raincoat in Navy
13.668,23 kr

Hermes Kelly Idole (Kelly Doll) Gulliver Orange vintage top handle bag

Kelly Idole or Kelly Doll bag in orange leather
239.777,05 kr

Hermes Medor gold tone vintage ladies watch

Size : Length 15- 18cm - 6 x adjustment holes
7.604,97 kr

Hermes Kelly yellow leather strap vintage ladies watch

Size : Case H 4cm — W 2cm — Total length 14-17cm - 6 adjustment holes
4.904,66 kr

Hermes MEDAL Watch Vert Bengale vintage ladies watch

Size : Total length 15-18cm -6 adjustment holes s
8.145,04 kr

HERMES McPherson Chamonix Natural brown vintage top handle bag

HERMES McPherson Chamonix Natural
31.180,39 kr

Hermès 1980s Riding Style Red & Green vintage jacket

Hermès Vintage 1980s Riding Style Jacket and Vest in Red and Green
8.929,23 kr

Hermes 1970s brown lizard skin vintage shoulder bag

1970s Hermes Brown lizard leather bag
42.290,26 kr

Hermes Kelly Blue De Galice vintage ladies watch

Size : Case H 4cm — W 2cm — Length 14 - 17cm - 6 adjustment holes
4.375,61 kr

Hermes Enamel Sienne vintage ladies watch

Size : Case H 1.9cm — W 2cm — Length 17cm
4.860,57 kr

Hermes Aruso Silver & Gold tone vintage ladies watch

Size : Case H 2.5cm — W 2.5cm
4.684,22 kr

Hermes Cavalier Beige shoulder bag

Size : H 50cm — W 30cm—D 20cm shoulder 77cm
5.455,74 kr

Hermes mini Kelly leather blue vintage top handle bag

Size : H 15cm — W 20cm — D 10cm Shoulder drop length: 90cm Handle drop length: 23cm
86.961,20 kr

Hermes Kelly Black Leather Epsom Belt

Hermes Kelly Leather Black Epsom Belt
5.466,76 kr

Hermès 1980s Jouvence silk twill off-white red vintage scarf

Classy vintage "Jouvence" silk twill carré by Hermès with a floral motif in blue, gold and red
2.843,60 kr

Hermes Ostrich BOLIDE 35 Olive Green vintage top handle bag

Hermes Ostrich Bolide 35CM Olive Green
53.863,04 kr

Hermes Kelly 32 multicolored vintage top handle bag

Hermes Kelly 32 multicolored vintage top handle bag
1.172.774,86 kr

Hermes Green vintage Tie

condition - Good
1.124,21 kr

Hermes 1990s Balle De Golf Brown leather vintage shoulder bag

Size : Width: 9.45 in. (24 cm), Length:24.8 in. (63 cm)
20.599,55 kr

Hermes Black Box vintage shoulder Bag

Size : Width: 12.2 in. (31 cm), Length:12.99 in. (33 cm)
23.410,09 kr

Hermes Yellow vintage mens Tie

Condition : Excellent
1.124,21 kr

Hermes Kelly Sport black leather shoulder bag

Size : Width: 9.45 in. (24 cm), Length:10.63 in. (27 cm)
45.453,48 kr

Hermes Black Leather Kelly top handle bag

Size : Width: 13.39 in. (34 cm), Length:8.66 in. (22 cm)
94.698,43 kr

Hermes Brides de Gala vintage ladies Scarf

Length (inches) : 31.89 in.
2.138,21 kr

Hermes Kelly Light Blue Leather vintage top handle Bag

Size : Width: 12.6 in. (32 cm), Length:9.06 in. (23 cm)
121.734,66 kr

Hermes Kelly 32 Black Leather vintage top handle bag

Size : Width: 12.6 in. (32 cm), Length:8.27 in. (21 cm)
48.297,08 kr

Hermes 1980s Silk Huile Rafraichissante white vintage blouse

Rare Hermes patterned silk printed vintage blouse
7.522,20 kr

Hermes 1960s canvas & leather Vintage Suitcase

Suitcase in leather and canvas with zip by Hermes
7.704,17 kr

Hermes Gold Tone hook & eye vintage Scarf Ring

Hook & eye gold tone metal scarf ring by Hermes
1.212,39 kr

Hermes Gold Tone Knotted VINTAGE Scarf Ring

Classic gold tone metal Hermes scarf ring
1.928,80 kr

Hermes 1982 Himalayan Moniker vintage top handle bag

Vintage Rare Hermes Himalayan Moniker Purse in emerald alligator, red ostrich, violet suede and black calf box leather
183.284,23 kr

Hermes Kelly 2005 Ostrich 32 cm vintage top handle bag

Condition : Excellent. No keys
145.637,31 kr

Hermes Canvas red vintage Tote Bag

Hermes Canvas top handle bag Size 16,5" x 12,5"
3.306,51 kr

Hermes 1990s 'Le Carnaval De Venice' Print silk orange and black vintage quilted vest

Vintage 90's Hermès silk 'Le Carnaval De Venice' and gold tone snap close
8.365,25 kr

Hermes 1960s Etriers Print Silk Pink and Black Vintage Blouse

Rare Vintage 1960s Hermès "Etriers" silk print shirt in black, fuschia with grey and gold
7.522,20 kr

Hermes Ombres Et Lumieres Cashmere Silk brown vintage scarf

Hunting scene vintage scarf by Hermes in cashmere & silk
12.676,72 kr

Hermes Horse Print Les Robes by Ledoux silk red vintage scarf

Classic horse motif scarf by Hermes in silk with red border
3.676,29 kr

Hermes ETRIERS by Francoise de la Perriere pink vintage scarf

Bright tone silk scarf by Hermes with Etriers motif
4.241,81 kr

Hermes 1990s Leather yellow vintage Gloves

Vintage yellow leather gloves by Hermes
3.676,29 kr

Hermes 18cm Mini Constance Double Gusset Shiny brown Porosus Crocodile vintage shoulder bag

Hermes 18cm Mini Constance Bag Double Gusset Shiny Porosus Crocodile in Cognac
234.979,86 kr

Hermes Medor Vert Bengale green vintage watch

Green leather & gold Hermes Medor watch
10.162,01 kr

Hermes suede Buckled red vintage jacket

Hermes Paris Vintage Red Suede Buckled Jacket Wrap Style
9.798,29 kr

Hermes Kelly Veil Bengal 32 cm green leather vintage top handle bag

Hermes Kelly bag 32 cm Veil Bengal
47.007,54 kr

Hermes Birkin 40 cm red leather vintage top handle bag

Hermes Birkin 40 cm ruby
54.116,54 kr

Hermes Rivale Brown Leather vintage Bracelet

Hermes Rivale Brown Leather Bracelet
4.221,31 kr

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