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Sustinability and Open for Vintage

 At the heart of Open for Vintage is a mission to do good.


Our values are to:

- Support independent boutiques to grow and develop, especially online

- To promote the benefit of purchasing unique vintage & preowned luxury goods  

- To reduce waste and support environmental protection 


The quality and design of luxury goods are made to last a lifetime, not just a season and with proper treatment can be enjoyed by many individual customers.


To ensure Open for Vintage source only the finest preowned pieces, all items available are chosen from a carefully selected network of independent specialist boutiques.


We strive to provide customers with a compelling alternative to purchasing new goods:

 - Enjoy the exclusivity of a unique luxury piece 

- Discover exquisite pieces by heritage brands including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Rolex that are both collectible and timeless

- Avoid showing up in the same outfit as everyone else

- Make an environmentally conscious decision to reduce waste

...What better way to enjoy a luxury shopping experience.


 For further information and to learn more please contact us at [email protected]