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This year, jewellery is going through something of a revolution and the statement earring is back in force.  Gone are the itty bitty studs and sparkling mini hoops and, in their place, come glorious ebullient jaw dropping, and certainly jaw hitting, statement earrings.  From expansive hoops to swelling hearts, trailing beads to sculptural shining metals there is a great deal to enjoy in this latest jewellery trend.  Simple staple wardrobes can be creatively transformed and accessorised by the addition of a the perfectly chosen piece and an outfit can do from day to night with a quick earlobe switch. You don’t have to wear both at once, or even just one pair, but the statement earring is now the go to choice for ear furniture. 

At Open for Vintage, we jump for joy to see these baubles coming to the fore once again.  We have always found the merits of a truly beautifully crafted vintage pair and the ingenuity of design seen across the 20th century.  In the 1950s and 1960s no evening dress was complete without the shining brilliance of rhinestone clusters and in the 1980s, resting lightly on shoulder pads, they shone brighter still with tongue-in-cheek glamour.  Where better to seek inspiration for the mightiest of statement jewellery pieces than in the examples from previous decades? If you are going to make a statement, the unique vintage pieces are sure to do the trick.  Though statement pieces might suggest extravagance, you can make yours in the way that will most perfectly reflect your style.   With sleek, minimalist elegant metal drops and monochrome deco designs, if bright and brash are not your thing, there are many more ways to beguile.  However, for those want something big and bold, there are multi-colours and multi-drops galore.  Take a look at the Open for Vintage Statement Earring collection to find your perfect pair.  

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Vintage 1960s Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Cuff Earrings

Incredible aurora borealis rhinestone clip on cuff style 1960s earrings
CHF 122.16

Pennino Brothers 1950s Diamante Metallic Vintage Earrings

Clip on earrings by Pennino Brothers in the 1950s
CHF 315.04

Napier 1950s Rhinestone Metallic Vintage Earrings

These glamorous 1950s clip on earrings are by the American company Napier
CHF 122.16

Vintage 1920s Art Deco Style Droplet Black Earrings

1920s Art Deco style triple black enamel hexagonal screw back earrings
CHF 167.16

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