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Vintage Rolex Submariner Watches

Originally launched in 1953, the now vintage Rolex Submariner line of sports watches known for their resistance to water, provided a robust and functional creation that soon became an iconic wristwatch with a modern and classic design. Earlier models have a water resistance of 100 metres, however the Submariner was redeveloped in later years and is now water resistant to 1000ft – making it the most successful diving watch in history.The redesign of the Submariner took place in later years with the Submariner and Submariner Date keeping firmly in line with the original, now vintage, design. New features from the 1960’s include the date function displayed at the three o’clock position and the unique Mercedes handset, which has continued to be a distinctive feature of all subsequent Submariners.

The strong design on all models features the recognisable dial with luminescent numbers and hour markers, a rotatable bezel and a solid link Oyster bracelet that has also been subtly redesigned over the years.

Interestingly the classic design of the Submariner is one of the most popular models among individuals who do not dive for a living or a hobby, they own the item simply because they are fans of the ascetically pleasing, classic design. It is one of the most copied designs in the counterfeiting industry, which only adds to the interest of fans wanting the real deal.

Our collection of vintage Rolex Submariner watches captures the essence of the iconic, original design spec.