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Vintage Rolex GMT Master Watches

Originally designed for professional use in collaboration with Pan American Airways in 1954, the masculine good looks of the stainless-steel vintage Rolex GMT Master attracted a wider audience fairly quickly.The travelling market, beyond the likes of pilots and airline crew, lusted after its ability to display different time zones and remain looking as good as new whilst undergoing a robust lifestyle. The aesthetics of a vintage Rolex GMT Master includes a 24-hour dial which enables users to easily change the bezel to another time zone, essential for pilots and crew members for assisting with flight planning and weather forecasts.

The original Rolex GMT Master design continued to be produced until the 1990’s, long after the newest member of the GMT Master family was released, the Rolex GMT Master II. The Rolex GMT Master II came into production in the early 1980’s with an intelligent update to the design – the ability to adjust the hour hand without affecting the movement of both the second and minute hands, perfect for travellers who need to know the exact local time down to the specific second.

Traditionally designed in classic stainless steel, the Rolex GMT Master II was later produced in precious metals including gold with some designs featuring elegant stones – some of the more sought-after pieces from the collection. Fast-forward to 2005 and Rolex released a modern update that introduced a number of technical additions appreciated by the travelling market. These technical updates include features from watches worn by deep-sea divers and an enhanced scratch resistant front along with a more hard-wearing ceramic bezel.

The robust and versatile appearance of the Vintage GMT Master II attracts collectors of the luxury brand as well as an audience requiring a reliable and durable watch to assist in everyday responsibilities. Whether you are a collector of luxury watches or appreciate the workmanship and functionality that a Rolex GMT Master vintage watch has to offer, the pre-owned designs will not only provide a high quality watch that will withstand the test of time, it also withholds a unique history waiting to be uncovered.

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Rolex GMT Master II featuring Black and Gold Bezel

Rolex GMT Master II featuring Black and Gold Bezel
CHF 13 819.79

Rolex GMT Master II Black Unisex Watch

Rolex GMT Master II Black Unisex Watch
CHF 10 760.59

Rolex GMT Master II "Coke"Unisex Watch

Rolex GMT Master II "Coke" Unisex Watch
CHF 10 477.91

Rolex GMT Master date just "Root Beer" 1675/8 vintage men's watch

Very rare 1960s Rolex GMT Master date just "Root Beer"
CHF 23 242.38

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