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Vintage Rolex Explorer Watches

The Rolex Explorer pays homage to the spirit of mountaineering, after the first people in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest did so with the support of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay left on the expedition of a lifetime with the support of the Royal Geographical Society and a Rolex, a challenge that was set to change history.

Hilary used a Rolex wristwatch to determine the exact time to depart from the summit and history claims that if the time had been wrong, it could have had severe consequences for the adventurous duo. Rolex was so inspired by this remarkable point in history and the reliance of a single watch, that they developed the Oyster Perpetual Explorer in celebration and it was released later that same year.

Exploring the vast range of driven adventurers around the world and their possible needs from a timepiece, Rolex went on to design and create a number of watches aimed at the bold consumer. The Oyster Perpetual Explorer was later updated in 1972 with distinctive orange hands that are visible in the dark – a hit with the adventurous individual that work in dark places such as cave explorers and mine workers. 

With its sleek and subtle design, the Explorer appeals to individuals who appreciate a good design with a stylish nature.

Legendary Steve McQueen, actor and racer, is famed for owning the Rolex Explorer and some say that he alone has made this choice of Rolex a popular one amongst the fashion-forward.

Wearing the Rolex Explorer allows individuals to own a piece of history and feel a part of the success story of the first ever summit of Everest.  You too could add a stunning used Rolex Explorer to your watch collection and be proud to own one of Rolex’s most iconic creations.