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Vintage Rolex Cellini Watches

Each design in the Cellini vintage collection at Open for Vintage reflects the extremely high standards of perfection that the brand prides itself on, combined with an essence of elegance and intricate modern touches.When we think of Rolex, we might think of the more famous Daytona or Submariner and forget about the exclusive and beautiful Cellini collection – each design is pure and simple and remains loyal to the brand’s heritage whilst paying homage to the Italian Renaissance. The collection was originally created in celebration of fine watch making in order to pay tribute to Benvenuto Callini – an admired Italian artist, goldsmith, painter, sculptor, musician and soldier.

The Cellini collection consists of the Cellini Date models and Cellini Time models, each characterised by their instant beauty, luxurious finishes and use of the finest materials. The Cellini Date models have a date function located at the three o’clock position, which can be controlled by hand using a small dial on the side of the watch. The Cellini Time models are simple, clear designs that concentrate on the precision of time. The time is counted by unique sword-like hands that gently tick off the seconds, minutes and hours of each day and is a self-winding timepiece to be treasured forever.

A Cellini watch is instantly recognisable for its clean lines and bold proportions, however the insides are just as ascetically pleasing and beautiful. Meticulous care and dedication has been taken during the process of creating the Cellini collection and each watch is technically impressive and contains movements certified by Rolex.

A classic, Rolex Cellini vintage model captures the beauty of the early collection – simple, elegant and individual. At Open for Vintage, we have a wide collection of prestigious timepieces that are pre-owned and pre-loved; making them even more special.

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Rolex Cellini gold vintage ladies watch

Rolex Geneve Cellini ladies watch
CHF 3 105.43

Rolex Genève Cellini 18k gold vintage mens watch

Rolex Genève Cellini 18k gold vintage mens watch
CHF 9 835.96

Rolex Cellini 5330 18 carat white gold vintage mens watch

Rolex Cellini 5330 18 carat white gold vintage mens watch
CHF 7 356.62

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