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The Open for Vintage Rado watch edit is an exclusive collection of Rado’s finest models.  With more than 30 international design awards, Rado is one of the leading Swiss watch companies worldwide. Producing high quality, durable and innovative watches since 1917, Rado is now a globally recognised brand. 

After setting up a small watch company in 1917 in a converted section of their family home, three brothers established the Schlup & Co watchmaking factory which soon became one of the largest producers in the watch industry. 

The 1950’s were the years that witnessed Schlup & Co make their mark in the watch industry utilising revolutionary materials in watch designs. After renaming the company as Rado, the impeccable watchmakers introduced the iconic Golden Horse collection and by the end of the decade, were recognised as a widely successful international brand with a clear presence in over 61 countries.  

In 1962, a star was born with the world’s first scratch resistant watch – the DiaStar 1, singlehandedly setting Rado apart from any other competing watch companies. This watch was one of Rado’s most iconic models and introduced hard metals and sapphire crystals into the world of watchmaking. 

The brand continued to create waves in the watchmaking industry by relentlessly creating one innovation after another. In the 1970’s and 80’s, Rado revolutionized the watch industry by introducing new materials in watchmaking, with high-tech ceramic becoming one of Rado’s signature materials. 

Rado powered into the new millennium with a truly special timepiece, the V10K in 2002. This exclusive watch made of “high-tech” diamond was the start of something special and the r5.5 collection was introduced - a minimalist masterpiece collection to usher the new millennium in with style. 

With their cutting-edge designs, Rado has attracted many recognisable faces over the years and has a whole host of actors, athletes and A-list ambassadors. With their exclusive tennis timepieces inspired by the sport, Rado has timed every major tennis match held around the world and sponsored international tennis tournaments for over 20 years. 

If you would love to own a classic timepiece with ingenious watchmaking design and technology you have come to the right place. At Open for Vintage, we pride ourselves on handpicking the best designs that promise to capture the essence of the brand. A vintage Rado watch promises to provide you with a truly admirable piece of history that will be appreciated by watch enthusiasts worldwide.

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Rado Diaster Jubile 160.0484.3 mens vintage watch

Rado Diaster Jubile 160.0484.3 mens vintage watch

Rado Cape Horn 280 day-date stainless steel mens vintage watch

Rado Cape Horn 280 day-date stainless steel mens vintage watch