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Pret-a-Vintage's Nicola Chinn has impeccable taste, evident in the variety and quality of the wonderful pieces she has on offer. Bright and bold prints, classical party frocks and 1920's gems all feature and there is something for every taste, shape, size and style. Nestled away down in the green hills of Surrey, she sells her private collection at the go-to vintage fashion fairs where she is sought out by celebrities, stylists and return customers alike who know she will have new treasures to offer, unearthed on her travels.

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YSL Rive Gauche 1990s kimono style silk red vintage jacket

YSL Rive Gauche 1990s silk kimono style jacket

Vintage 1960s yellow cocktail dress

1960s yellow cocktail dress with scalloped detail

Vintage 1930s tweed wool brown jacket

1930s tweed jacket by A E Hayne & Sons Winchester

Vintage 1940s silk chiffon & beaded black dress

1940s black silk chiffon dress with blue beadwork

Vintage 1960s animal print jumpsuit

Late 1960s zebra print jumpsuit with incredible palazzo style trousers

Vintage 1970s colourful silk print maxi dress

1970s silk colourful check maxi dress

Vintage 1930's silk lame purple evening coat

1930s purple textured lamé evening coat

Vintage 1960s beaded black evening dress

1960s black evening dress with beading detail

Jean Varon 1970s empire line vintage maxi dress

1970s empire waist Jean Varon maxi dress

Jean Varon 1970s cotton crochet vintage day dress

Early 1970s Jean Varon natural cotton crochet trim dress

Janice Wainwright 1970s silk polka dot vintage wrap dress

Late 1970s silk polka dot wrap dress by Janice Wainwright

Vintage 1970s silk pink maxi dress

1970s raspberry pink silk maxi dress with floral embroidery

Vintage 1960s turquoise blue cocktail dress

Vivid blue 1960s cocktail dress by Cresta Couture

Vintage 1960s brocade cream evening dress

1960s brocade evening dress by Canada Couture

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Rive Gauche black vintage jacket

1980s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche statement jacket

Frank Usher 1980s polka dot yellow vintage cocktail dress

1980s fun yellow polka dot cocktail dress by Frank Usher

Vintage 1930s silk satin taupe dress

1930s taupe silk satin gown with floral detail

Vintage 1960s crepe green & black evening dress

1960s black crepe evening gown with lime green pleated silk detail

Vintage 1970s patterned cotton maxi dress

1970s cotton maxi dress in black pink and white

Vintage 1960s beaded turquiose dress

1960s fully beaded turquoise blue cocktail dress

Vintage 1920s Linen pink Day Dress

1920s day dress in pink linen

Vintage 1960s statement print hostess dress

1960s hostess gown in statement green and pink floral print

Bonwit Teller 1960s silk black cocktail dress

1960s black silk cocktail dress by Bonwit Teller

Vintage 1930s lawn cotton floral day dress

1930s lawn cotton print day dress

Vintage 1960s silk cheongsam pink dress

1960s silk Cheongsam dress in vibrant print

Vintage 1960s silk print blue wiggle dress

1960s silk abstract butterfly print wiggle dress

Vintage 1950s floral turquoise & gold cocktail dress

1950s turquoise & gold cocktail dress by Jean Allen

Vintage 1960s lace & silk cocktail dress

1960s lace & silk cocktail dress by Lee Claire New York

Vintage 1950s floral chiffon dress

1950s floral printed chiffon dress

Vintage 1950s embroidered chiffon dress

1950s ivory chiffon dress with floral detail

Vintage 1950s lace grey cocktail dress

1950s cocktail dress by Marshall & Snelgrove

Vintage 1950s satin white evening coat

1950s cream satin evening coat by Robita Couture Mayfair

Jean Patou 1960s purple vintage dress suit

1960s purple dress & coat by Jean Patou

Vintage 1960s beaded pink evening dress

1960s pink evening gown with beading

Vintage 1950s damask gold evening coat

Elegant 1950s gold damask evening coat

Vintage 1960s pinstripe & bow detail navy dress

1960s navy pinstripe dress with pleated drop waist by Feminetta Models

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