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Vintage Prada Bags


Here at Open for Vintage, we pride ourselves on our superb collection of vintage Prada bags. Prada is not only recognised worldwide for its simple and elegant creations; the name alone signifies style and luxury. 


Mario Prada founded the Prada brand in 1913. It began as a Milan-based leather goods store known as “Fratelli Prada” (Prada Brothers). They began making luggage and trunks for the travel market, but their store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II soon started to attract a sophisticated clientele; people who were looking for accessories "that would not go out of fashion in the short span of a season," as Mario himself often pointed out. Six years later, Prada became the supplier to the Italian Royal Household. 


Following the death of Mario Prada in 1952, the company began a slow decline. However in 1978, Prada’s granddaughter, Miuccia, took over and the company soon flourished into the brand we all know and love. 


As a fashion designer, Miuccia captivated the world with her collections of accessories and garments, winning the hearts of buyers, fashionistas and Patrizio Bertelli (Prada Group’s Managing Director) who she went onto marry. 


In the early 1980s, the maison introduced its bags and backpack made in Pocono, a patented nylon fabric with a silky sheen. The trunks and locks of her late grandfather inspire the logo, which is printed on a triangular metal badge. The bags soon became cult objects. 


In 1985, Miuccia unveiled the classic Prada handbag, which went on to become an overnight sensation. It was simple and sleek, and made from black nylon. The bag was not only fashionable; it was functional, sturdy and practical. 


“Fashion can survive only if it has the courage to not seek widespread approval; only if it does not expect to be loved by everyone," Bertelli famously said. This is true of our vintage Prada handbags.


Ever since Prada was born it is well-known for its cutting-edge style. Its fashion has become a benchmark to those who dare to make a statement. 


Our range of Vintage Prada handbags are fashion staples for women all over the world. They offer an investment unlike any other. Our high-end, used Prada bags are packed full of heritage, high fashion and class - certainly guaranteed to get people turning heads.

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Prada Gauffre bag

Colour : Beige
Gender : Female
specification : Beige, , Excellent

PRADA Bijoux Saffiano Jewels Hand Bag

Style Keyword : Handbags & Luggage
Gender : Female
Width (inches) : 9 in. (23 cm)
specification : Blue, , New or Never Worn. The bag is new/unworn, it has a very little stain (probably label glue) in one handle..
Size : Width: 9 in. (23 cm), Length:None

Prada Black Leather Shoulder bag, a Pristine '2way City' Calf Leather Tote

Style Keyword : Trousers
Gender : Female
specification : Black, Calf leather Colour: Black, Excellent
Size : Width: None, Length:None

Prada Galleria Saffiano Peach Coral Ostrich Leather Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Orange ,Gender : Female ,specification : Orange, Leather, Excellent. ,

Prada Black Neoprene Fabric Shoulder Bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, Canvas, Used ,Size : M ,

Prada Gold Tone Leather Small Shoulder Bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Gold ,Gender : Female ,specification : Gold, Metal, B :Good Condition - Some Light Wear Of Use ,Size : S ,

Prada Black Tessuto Canvas & Leather Buckle Hobo Bag

Style : Contemporary
Material : Canvas
Condition : Used
Colour : Black
specification : , Canvas, Used
Size : M

Prada Black Vitello Daino Leather Hobo Bag 1Bc013

Material : Leather
Condition : Used
Colour : Black
specification : , Leather, Used
Size : M

Prada Brown Suede Satchel Handbag

Style Keyword : Satchels ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, Suede, Used ,Size : M ,

Prada Finges shoulder bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Purple ,Gender : Female ,specification : Purple, , Excellent ,

Prada Ostrich bag

Colour : Ochre
Gender : Female
specification : Ochre, , Excellent

Prada Bow bag

Gender : Female
specification : grey, , Excellent

Prada Python with Tortoiseshell Shoulder Strap Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , Excellent. ,Size : H 10 in. x D 12 in. ,

Prada Black Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

Style Keyword : Shoulder Bags ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , Excellent. ,

Prada Dark Green and White Pattern Nylon Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Green ,Gender : Female ,specification : Green, , Excellent. ,

Prada Backpack Reestraat - Black

Colour : Black
specification : Black, ,
Size : Height: 33 cm Width: 19 cm

Prada Brown/Black/White Sequinned Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Brown ,Gender : Female ,specification : Brown, , Excellent. ,

Prada Black Nylon Tessuto Bow Tote Bag

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , Excellent. ,

Prada Military Green Saffiano Leather Zip Top Briefcase Work Bag

Style Keyword : Tops (Blouses & Shirts) ,Colour : Green ,Gender : Female ,specification : Green, Leather, B :Good Condition - Some Light Wear Of Use ,Size : see description ,

Prada Saffiano Leather Cartella brown vintage Briefcase Satchel

Prada Brown Saffiano Leather Cartella Briefcase Satchel Vr0076

Prada Black Canvas & Dark Brown Leather Tote W/ Front Pockets

Style Keyword : Tote Bags ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, Canvas, B :Good Condition - Some Light Wear Of Use ,Size : M ,

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