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The unmistakable trademark ‘supreme arrow’ dons the unique Persol eyeglasses designs, which have become increasingly popular decade after decade. Famous for designing distinct protective eyewear for the likes of pilots, military, workmen, athletes and extreme sportspeople, Persol is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world and has created some unique pieces to serve an important purpose within these industries.

Over the years, Persol has pushed the boundaries of design time after time, producing iconic eyewear before moving in the luxury Italian market for designing sunglasses and being spontaneously worn by well-known famous faces in the world of movie and television.

Started in 1917, Giuseppe Ratti, owner of Berry Opticians, began in Northern Italy by designing technically advanced eyewear for pilots and sports drivers to give clear vision and protection during the time of action before venturing into the sunglasses market with the patented famous yellow-brown lens designed by the brand.

Year after year the brand has challenged them. Seamlessly producing eyewear to mark unique times in history such as the first climb of the Himalayan summit in 1989 and supplying eyewear to Nasa for their missions.

Persol is responsible for supporting the success of significant movements within the world of sunglasses and protective eyewear. From creating the first flexible stem to researching, designing and creating an array of goggle designs for extreme conditions and situations.

After being inspired to start producing sunglasses, Persol applied to trademark its name in the late 1920’s which derived from an Italian saying ‘Per il sole,’ simply meaning ‘for the sun,’ and in 1962 after becoming a real pride for the Italian industry, Persol successfully conquered America and opened their first boutique in Beverly Hills on the famous Rodeo Drive.

Persol sticks to their roots. Their sunglasses are always made in Italy, each design features a crystal lens to protect the eye from harmful rays and is made from a hypoallergenic plastic using cellulose acetate  - a process made from cotton, used regularly for the production of sunglasses.

Present in over 40 countries around the world, Persol designs have been used for the advertising of brand campaigns in the world of fashion and movies. Throughout that time Persol has, entrusted public figures to become sponsors of the brand including leading figures and top sports people such as footballers Allessandro Del Piero and Filippo Inzaghi and movie star Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Vintage Persol is rare and hard to find and we have hand-picked some of the most iconic designs and shapes for you to get your hands on here at Open for Vintage. From the yellow-browns lens to the unique shape and design of the 1980’s design adventures – you too can own a piece of history and be the envy of the people-in-the-know in the world of fashion and film.