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Buying a watch as a gift can be tricky but we asked Open for Vintage’s James (avid watch fan) to give us some advice on how he would tackle it. He picks his top 9 timepieces that he thinks wont disappoint

1. The "Starter" Swiss watch – TAG Heuer one of the most respected watch manufacturers in the world & this Tag Kirium is a classic which made waves when it was released in the 90’s. Although it’s a quartz movement, its still a super piece & most men would be very happy with getting their watch collection off to a start with this.
2. The “Presidential” watch – a Rolex Day Date is a great gift for a watch collector as its one of the most iconic watches ever made. Its known as the “Presidents watch” as it has been favoured by world leaders for decades.
3. The "Dress" watch – When wearing a suit, you should never wear a sports watch (Steel strap or divers watch), you should always wear a dress watch and Breguet are the pinnacle.  Even Napoleon took one of Breguet’s carriage clocks into battle. This Breguet Classique is perfect for the man with a great sports watch who needs a dress watch!
4. The "Vintage Collectors" watch – this Rolex Prince is highly sought after and extremely rare & is known as the doctors watch as the second hand is on the bottom making it easy to take a patient’s pulse. This piece is a true icon with a price tag not for the faint hearted.
5. The "Collectible" watch – Rolex Submariner “Kermit” which is the 50th anniversary edition of the Submariner with a bezel in Rolex green. As Rolex stopped making them in 2011 they are highly sought after so if you have a bigger budget and want your gift to be a showstopper this watch will deliver.
6. The "Starter Rolex" watch - Rolex are the most collectable watches in the world & the stainless steel Rolex DateJust I have chosen below is one of their most iconic. The style is totally unisex so for a women who prefers a less feminine look one of these would be perfect. And they are affordable for anyone looking to get on the Rolex ladder.
7. The "Quintessential Ladies" watch – Although Cartier are not as well respected as some other watch makers they are the most respected for their style and elegance. The Square Panthere is one of the most recognisable ladies watches ever made & will make for a truly timeless & elegant gift.
8. The "Bonkers" watch – for the guy or girl who likes to stand out from the crowd, Franck Muller watches are known for crazy case shapes & colours & very distinctive numerals on the dial. This Franck Muller Sunset watch is very much unisex too.

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Tag Heuer Kirium chronograph mens vintage watch

Tag Heuer Chronograph mens watch
CHF 662.22

Rolex 118238 day/date President white gold vintage mens watch

Rolex President 118238 day/date with diamond bezel
CHF 24 264.18

Franck Muller Sunset 18ct White Gold 5850SC Vintage Mens Watch

Franck Muller Sunset 18ct white gold 5850SC mens vintage watch
CHF 19 467.92

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