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Vintage Omega Watches

Omega is a watch brand celebrated for its precision time keeping, so much so that it has famously kept time at the Olympic games at nearly every games since 1932. It is Omega which is one of the leading brands which has created and maintained the reputation for Switzerland’s manufacture of perfect timekeeping mechanisms.

Omega’s Olympic role was earned by the years spent proving the worth and accuracy of Omega’s mechanisms with observatory trials won and records held. The precision achievements were marked by the Constellation range of watches or entirely Observatory-certified chronometers. Men’s and women’s Omega Constellation vintage watches from 1952 to the 1970s with their 300, 500, 700 and 1000 series of chronometer movements are no highly prized for their precision and to some are among the best movements ever made.

It is not only on the field of sport that Omega has proved its performance. It was to the Omega Speedmaster chronograph that NASA turned when looking for a watch to equip their astronauts. They subjected the “Speedmaster” reference ST105.003 to a series of the most brutal tests. It is taken to the extremes of temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, shock, acceleration and acoustic noise and was finally declared “Flight Qualified for all Manned Space Missions” on the 1st of March 1965. The only reason a later model, the Speedmaster Professional, was not strapped to wrist of the first man on the moon was because Neil Armstrong had left his in the Eagle as the on board clock was intermittently failing. However, it was only a matter of 15 minutes later that Buzz Aldrin stepped foot on the lunar landscape in 1969 wearing his. This watch has remained the first choice for astronauts and cosmonauts on the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Soyuz, Salyut, Space Shuttle, Mir and International Space Station programs. It is therefore no surprise that the vintage Omega Speedmaster and its later models to the Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 remain a hugely prized.

Less extreme in the field of exploration but just as perfectly created is the Omega Seamaster. This was a watch produced in 1948 as a 100 year anniversary celebration. It was intended for the man of town, sea and country” with a self-winding movements in standard and chronometer versions and made waterproof by a rubber O-ring gaskets which were based on those used in submarines in World War Two. Though Omega had previously made waterproof watches, this was a step ahead. In 1957, Omega launched a professional version of the watch: the Omega Seamaster 300. Now one of the most popular vintage Omega watches in the range, it’s credentials were founded on a history of use by Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s team and later the British military’s Special Boat Service. Most recently, it has been the watch of choice for the spy character James Bond since 1995. Still the Omega Seamaster vintage models and especially the vintage Omega Seamaster 300, hold a special position as the first of such a widely admired timepiece.

With all of these innovations came a need for a watch with the same performance which did not have the appearance of a working or ‘Professional’ watch. So the De Ville range was born in 1960 merging practical design with true elegance for men's and women’s watches. Omega De Ville vintage watches demonstrate the perfection of the design and manufacture of these early pieces. To see these and all of these historic Omega vintage watches, take a look through the Omega Open for Vintage collection and acquire your piece of the legacy.

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