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Vintage Omega Seamaster Watches

If you’re looking for a watch that not only stands the test of time but also stands out from the crowd then our pre-owned, vintage Omega Seamaster collection is the ideal piece for you! The Omega Seamaster was first launched in 1948 to coincide with the brand's 100th anniversary and soon became the most sought-after watch after appearing on the wrists of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig in the James Bond films for over 20 years.The first model was inspired by the style and design of the waterproof watches made for and worn by British soldiers during the Second World War. It was innovative in both its design and craftsmanship. What set it apart from other waterproof pieces at the time was that it included an O-ring gasket to ensure it was water resistant, meaning it could reach depths up to 60 meters in water in temperatures ranging between -40 to 50c.

In 1957 the Seamaster 300 model was launched and broke numerous diving records over the years. It soon became the choice of watch for the most famous explorers and divers around the world. As the depths divers were expanding so did technology and the Seamaster 600 and 1000 were created in the 70s - and both were used in major diving experiments by underwater explorers.

After declining in popularity the Seamaster was thrust back into the limelight thanks to the likes of the James Bond franchise, royalty and celebrities. The old and new Seasmasters aren’t just robust, accurate and reliable - they’re elegant too. They’re not only known for their stainless steel case and bracelet but also recognised by the engraved logo on the back, their amazing water resistance and bright hands. It continues to be the oldest.

Invest in a pre-owned, vintage Omega Seamaster that’s trustworthy, strong and durable and you won’t be disappointed!

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Omega Seamaster Pro Planet Ocean Mens Watch

Omega Seamaster Pro Planet Ocean Mens Watch

Omega Seamaster Gold & Stainless Steel Mens Watch with Diamond Hour Markers

Omega Seamaster Gold & Stainless Steel Mens Watch with Diamond Hour Markers