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Omega Constellation Watches

The stunning, now vintage, Omega Constellation watch collection was first released in 1952 in honour of the World War 2 Constellation jet. Its unique design captured the beauty of a signature Omega watch yet set itself apart from the rest. The Constellation watch is instantly recognised by its subtle, yet luxurious, gold star on the face and expertly made chronograph technology within. The first Omega Constellation watch was originally designed by Gerald Genta, however since he was a freelance designer the brand was unfortunately unable to credit him as the official designer of some of the most sought after watches from the collection. The well-known blogger Desmond Guilfoyle, managed to speak with Genta’s wife who confirmed that he was in fact responsible for designing a number of Constellation models during his time including the definitive steel Constellation watch – the Ref. 168.005. 

The 1960s was a significant moment in watch history and the Constellation started to take on a new look. It became more of an everyday watch rather than being worn as part of a formal dress code. It was a convenience watch rather than a luxury one and it was during this time that the Ref.168009 was released, the second design to come from Gerald Genta. 

Following this turbulent time, Omega soon began to experiment with new designs for the Constellation family and introduced the Integral model. The integrated bracelet and rectangular casing of the Integral showcased an entirely new look and the infamous gold star was no longer a guaranteed feature. 

Despite a number of changes to the Constellation collection it was still the first to feature all mechanical high-end precision movements. In 1951, Omega beat its own record for precision and is now known as one of the most accurate wristwatches to ever be created. This was a big achievement for Omega. It helped the brand rebuild their confidence after the Quartz crisis in the 1960’s and Omega became a definitive watch manufacturer of the time.


The unique gold star started to appear on the designs once again and Omega began to change the look of the Constellation with the launch of the Manhattan in 1982. The new look model featured roman numerals on the bezel, four claws on the case and the integrated bracelet – all of which are still featured on the designs of the Constellation collection to this day. The Manhattan design is now one of the most recognised watch collections around.


There have been numerous updates and changes to the collection since the 1980’s to bring it up to date with modern times, however if it’s a piece of history that most attracts you to a classic timepiece then look no further than our stunning collection of vintage Omega Constellation watches, handpicked by our specialists. 


At Open for Vintage, we appreciate the workmanship and technicalities of the early Constellation collection timepieces and have handpicked some of the most iconic Omega Constellation vintage pieces for you to choose from.  As its original advertising once claimed the constellation collection is for those “who want the finest watch that man can make”.

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Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chronograaf

Style Keyword : Omega > Constellation ,Label 1 : Watches > Omega ,Watches > OMEGA,Watches > Constellation ,Colour : Silver ,Gender : Female ,Mens/Womens : Womens ,specification : Silver, , ,
CHF 3 042.82

Omega Constellation silver ladies watch

Omega Constellation silver ladies watch
CHF 2 992.74

Omega Constellation steel on steel 27mm ladies vintage watch

Omega Constellation steel on steel 27mm ladies vintage watch
CHF 1 940.90

Omega Constellation Mid-Size Gold and Stainless Steel Automatic Men's Vintage Watch

Omega Constellation mid-size gold and stainless steel automatic men's vintage watch
CHF 2 867.52

Omega Constellation Classic Black with Diamond Case Women's Vintage Watch

Omega Constellation classic black with diamond case women's vintage watch
CHF 2 210.12

Omega Constellation Co-Axial stainless steel mens vintage watch

Omega Constellation Co-Axial stainless steel mens vintage watch
CHF 3 155.52

Omega constellation quadra ladies vintage watch

Omega Constellation Quadra ladies vintage watch
CHF 3 049.09

Omega Constellation 18 carat yellow gold square vintage ladies watch

Omega Constellation 18 carat yellow gold square vintage ladies watch
CHF 5 409.47

Omega constellation 90's automatic 18k gold vintage men's watch

Omega constellation 90's automatic 18k gold vintage men's watch
CHF 3 693.96

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