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Men's Vintage Shirts & T-Shirts

Originally an undergarment worn exclusively by men, shirts now encompass a broad range of styles for formal and informal occasions alike – from casual print t-shirts to stiff collar dress shirts. The offering for men’s vintage shirts mirror this development. Below we have untangled the most prominent types of shirts to help you address your shirting needs.

Camp Shirt

A camp shirt is a short-sleeved, casual buttoned shirt with a loose fit and a “camp collar”.

Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is, as the name suggests, a more formal shirt with a slightly stiff collar, long sleeves and a button down fastening. Within the dress shirt segment, dinner shirts are specifically made to be worn with eveningwear; and the Guayabera is an embroidered dress shirt with four pockets.

Poet Shirt

With aristocratic and romantic undertones, the poet shirt is a loose-fitting shirt or blouse with full bishop sleeves, and normally features a ruffle design by the collar.

Polo Shirt

Also referred to as a tennis shirt or golf shirt, the polo shirt is a pullover with a soft collar and short sleeves. Polo shirts often have a longer back than front. Henley shirts are collarless polo shirts.

Rugby Shirt

A rugby shirt is a long-sleeved polo shirt, often made with thick cotton.


The t-shirt is an iconic shirt for everyday wear and needs no further introduction. A ringer t-shirt is a tee with a separate piece of fabric sewn on as the collar and sleeve hems.

OfV says: In our curated edit of men’s vintage shirts, smart dress shirts sit next to relaxed casual vintage t-shirts; and pre-owned pieces from the past few collections sit next to rare decade-old vintage gems in pristine condition. Whether you’re after a white stiff collar vintage dress shirt for the wedding; a grunge-nodding vintage Lumberjack shirt for the forest trip; or a 1950s Americana vintage surfer shirt for breezy days by the beach, our unrivalled edit of vintage men’s shirts will have you covered. Consider the urban statement t-shirt trend with bold designer logos à la early 2000s – wear yours with jeans or shorts on warmer days.

At Open for Vintage, we consider everyone as a collector with a desire to possess beautiful things with a story worth living on. Our curated edit of unique and contemporary vintage and pre-owned fashion pieces are hand-picked for their individuality, relevance, and of course, style appeal.

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Joe Casely-Hayford 1990s Bohemian Vintage Shirt

Joe Casely-Hayford Vintage Men's Extreme Oversized Embroidered Tapestry Shirt

John Richmond Destroy 1990s Striped Cotton Polo Shirt

John Richmond Destroy Vintage 1990's Men's Stretch Jersey Polo Shirt Top

Dexter Wong 1990s Avant Garde Vintage Polo Shirt

Dexter Wong Men's Vintage Avant Garde Textured Organza Polo Top, 1990s.

Paul Smith 1990s Fruit Print Men's Vintage Shirt

Paul Smith Mens Vintage Oversize Fruit Print Short Sleeve Shirt, 1990s

Kenzo 1990s Floral Men's Vintage Shirt

Kenzo Paris Mens Vintage Floral Print Cotton Button Up Shirt, 1990s

Gene Cabaleiro 1990s Silk Plaid Patchwork Vintage Shirt

Gene Cabaleiro Eccentric Vintage Mens Silk Plaid Patchwork Shirt, 1990s

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