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Louis Feraud

Our vintage Louis Féraud collection showcases the French fashion designer and artist born in 1921.  From a young age, Féraud began to sketch women in romantic Provencal styles, which back then was a far cry from the lavishly beaded, flapper designs that heavily dictated the era. His love for barefoot, un-girdled and relaxed women of the summer post-war, inspired Féraud to create designs that ‘real’ women felt elegant and stylish, yet comfortable in. 

His vision for flaunting a woman’s natural shape captured the eye of the fresh-faced, young actress, Bridget Bardoe, at the tender age of 21. After photographers and journalists were left fascinated by the unpretentious pique sundress worn by the actress, every woman walking the pavements of Cote d’Azur was soon sporting the new look of the ‘little white dress,’ created by Louis Féraud.  This led to a surge in sales of this unique style, nods to which still feature in many summer wardrobes of women around the world today.   Fascinated by the world of film, Féraud was delighted when well-known actresses began to don high-end pieces from his collections. After his designs captivated Bridget Bardoe in the early stages of her career, he went on to design the entire wardrobe of her many films throughout her time as an actress, making his designs truly iconic in the world of fashion. 

After Christian Dior had made tiny, cinched-in waists, girdles and full skirts the look of the early 1950’s – Féraud wanted to create a less formal and structured style, which the women of Paris, and soon to be the rest of the world, welcomed with open arms.  And in 1970, Féraud began created his first ready-to-wear collection to ensure his designs were even more accessible to ‘real’ women everywhere. 

Féraud’s eccentric prints and theatrical patterns are inspired by his love for painting and his artistic hero, Van Gogh. The bold and vibrant designs have captured the heart of many famous faces over the years and have led to Féraud winning a number of awards for his artistic flare and elegant designs. Throughout his years, Féraud had a growing collection of honours including winning the ‘Golden Thimble Award’ for his Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection in 1978 and was appointed Prince de l’Art de Vivre in 1991. His success and movement in the fashion world was highly recognised and appreciated by women all round the world including the iconic Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor and Priscilla. 

Dazzled from an early age by the connection between graphic art and textiles, Féraud began to explore the world of design and created his first ‘Maison de Couture’ in 1950. Although he never gave up his love and passion for painting, he began to feature bold prints in his designs and successfully established a fashion house in the romantic city of Paris in 1955.  

The breath taking designs of vintage Féraud pieces often feature adaptations of his paintings, so you can capture the essence of Féraud’s true passion for art and fashion with every outfit you wear.

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Louis Feraud 1980s Embroidered Blue Silk and Black Velvet Gown UK Size 6-8

Style Keyword : Dresses > Maxi ,Label 1 : Womens > Dresses ,Womens > LOUIS FERAUD,Womens > Maxi ,Colour : Blue ,Gender : Female ,specification : Blue, , ,Size : BUST - 30 in. (76.2 cm) WAIST - 24.5 in. (62.23 cm) HIP - 36 in. (91.44 cm) LENGTH - 49 in. (124.46 cm) ,

Louis Feraud 1980s or 1990s Navy Silk Taffeta Dress With Bow Embellishments UK Size 8-10

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Label 1 : Womens > Dresses,Womens > LOUIS FERAUD ,Colour : Blue ,Gender : Female ,specification : Blue, , ,Size : BUST - 34 in. (86.36 cm) WAIST - 28 in. (71.12 cm) HIP - 34 in. (86.36 cm) LENGTH - 40 in. (101.6 cm) ,

1960s Louis Feraud White Applique Dress Size 12

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Label 1 : Womens > Dresses,Womens > LOUIS FERAUD ,Colour : White ,Gender : Female ,specification : White, , ,

1980s Louis Feraud Black Moire & Velvet Fitted Coat Dress Size 10

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Label 1 : Womens > Dresses,Womens > LOUIS FERAUD ,Style : Victorian ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, , ,Size : Bust Waist  Hip  Length   90cm/ 35" 74cm/ 29"  94cm/ 37"  114cm/ 45"  Louis Feraud was a French haute couture designer who opened his first Atelier in Cannes in 1950. By 1955 he had established two couture houses in Paris where he dressed the Parisian elite and designed the wardrobe of Brigitte Bardot for many of her movies. ,

80s Louis Féraud Flower Petal Print Dress

Style Keyword : Dresses ,Bust (inches) : 38 ,Label 1 : Womens > Dresses,Womens > LOUIS FERAUD ,Waist (inches) : 32 ,Length (inches) : 40 ,Colour : Multi ,Gender : Female ,specification : Multi, , ,

LOUIS FÉRAUD c. 1969 Vintage Set Sleeveless Printed Dress w/ Scarf Size XS

A stunning Louis Féraud dress with matching scarf from c. 1969 featuring a bold graphic print in brilliant colors, with the Louis Féraud signature scattered throughout.


Vibrant coloured cuff

Louis Feraud 1970s Red Long Sleeve Party Dress

Louis Féraud for Rembrandt Vintage Red Lurex Long Sleeve Knit Dress, 1970s

Louis Feraud 1960s Printed Purple Maxi Dress

An outstanding Louis Féraud maxi dress from the late 1960s with scarf collar and angel sleeves.

Louis Feraud 1960s Space Age Purple Dress

Very rare Louis Féraud Space Age dress from the 1960s.

Louis Feraud 1970s Graphic Printed Black Maxi Dress

A spectacular Louis Féraud maxi dress from c. 1970 featuring a bold circle print in various shades of brilliant blue and grey.

Louis Feraud 1970s Graphic Printed Black Dress

A gorgeous Louis Féraud evening dress, c. 1970, featuring an iconic graphic print in bold colours - you'll make a showstopping entrance in this one!

Louis Feraud 1960s Graphic Printed Black Dress

A gorgeous Louis Féraud dress from the late 1960s with a stunning four-leaf clover graphic print and the original belt.

Louis Feraud 1960s 3 Piece Black Dress

A stunning, rare Louis Féraud set (three pieces!) from the late 1960s or very early 1970s consisting of a beautiful jersey dress with matching belt and scarf.

Louis Feraud 1960s Printed Maxi Dress

A rare and fabulous Louis Féraud maxi dress from the late 1960s. It is made from a nylon jersey featuring a bold print in vibrant colours - various shades of blue, turquoise, pink and purple with graphic black lines.

Louis Feraud 1960s Graphic Space Age Design Cream & Black Vintage Midi Dress

A rare and fabulous Louis Féraud dress from c. 1969 featuring a striking cream and black graphic print.

Louis Feraud 1960s Space Age Button Cream Vintage Coat

A rare Louis Féraud Space Age coat featuring a clean, sharp cut and silver-tone metal buttons.

Louis Feraud for Rembrandt 1960s Pleat & Swirl Pink Vintage Dress Suit

Louis Feraud for Rembrandt hot pink dress suit with pleats and swirl stitch detail.

Louis Feraud 1970s Brocade Black Vintage Evening Skirt

Louis Feraud 1970's black brocade evening skirt with sash belt and pleated hem

Louis Feraud 1980s velvet & wool black vintage cocktail dress

Elegant black draped cocktail dress by Louis Féraud from the 1980's

Louis Feraud 1980s drop-waist silk blue vintage dress

Fabulous 1980s navy silk cocktail dress with bow detailing by Louis Féraud

Louis Feraud 1970s jersey print vintage maxi dress

A striking jersey mod dress by Louis Féraud with matching scarf

Louis Féraud 1980's Polka Dot Puff Sleeve blue & black vintage Dress

Louis Féraud blue & black polka dot dress

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