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Founded in 1923, Hugo Boss, although has faced some tough times throughout the years, has successfully achieved worldwide recognition and appreciation and is considered to be one of the most understated brands for men. Classed as a high-end luxury fashion brand in today's world, Hugo Boss often referred to as ‘BOSS,’ is both stylish and sophisticated and has been designing menswear since 1984. Once from the world of producing intricate and well-designed uniforms for the Natzi Party organisations for many years, Hugo Boss ventured into the suit industry after the unfortunate death of the founder in 1948.

Needless to say, this was a huge success and the first Boss branded suits were created in 1970, which were a massive hit with their target audience.

Following their success in the menswear suit department, the Boss logo became a registered trademark that would be recognised by men all over the world.

Shortly after the success of Boss suits, the brand began a long association with the sporting industry and was approached to sponsor a handful of the Formula One drivers and the McLaren team before becoming the sponsor of some of the most highly-skilled golfers in the world and the official sponsor of the Davis Cup in Tennis.

The accomplishments of the brand's design experiments over the years, has meant that their success would accelerate and become a public brand that is easily accessible to everyone by 1985.  This prompted the brand to develop a fragrance line in the same year before many more adventures that lead to a huge growth within the company.

Soon to follow was the iconic sunglasses collection (1989), a footwear range (1995), both men’s and women’s diffusion lines (1997-2000) and the most recent range for childrenswear (2008/09)– their skills and ability to adapt to all markets is what has successfully made the brand a truly admirable and high-end label that is respected by individuals and companies worldwide.

Are you a fashionista with a love for all things Boss? You have come to the right place - we have hand selected some of the most unique and timeless pieces and made them accessible to you-you too could own a part of the early menswear and suit productions with our stunning vintage Hugo Boss collection.





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Hugo Boss Crossbody bag

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