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The Japan-born Fratini was a sought-after British fashion and costume designer. The vintage Gina Fratini collection showcases her signature loose, flowing garments inspired by her years growing up in Burma and India. 

Fratini studied at the Royal College of Arts in London after moving to the UK at a young age to attend boarding school and successfully set up her own business in 1964. 

Gina Fratini’s attention to detail and use of delicate, tactile fabrics attracted many noted faces during her time.  Dedicated, returning clients included Princess Diana, Princess Anne and Elizabeth Taylor.  Fratini even designed Taylor’s wedding dress for her second marriage to Richard Burton.  Specialising in long, eye-catching dresses that swept the floors, Fratini loved the thought of her clientele elegantly parading around in her designs. 

Fratini always cut her hand-picked and carefully selected fabrics on the bias, using a lot of fabric per design, leading to exquisite, couture gowns which were difficult to replicate. Her passion for fashioning beautiful, flowing dresses kept Fratini motivated to continue designing through hard times. Staying true to her roots, Fratini focused solely on creating fascinating gowns inspired by her love for theatre. 

Vintage gowns designed by Fratini often feature a graceful splash of prints and detail, which adds to the luxurious nature of the designs. A lot of Gina Fratini’s one-off pieces captured the essence of movement when photographed by leading photographers, with models dancing on set to highlight the sumptuous nature of her flowing skirts. 

The design company unfortunately came to a close in 1989 failing to make any profit on the designs created, simply due to the lavish quality of fabrics and the sheer number of dedicated hours spent hands-on cutting and sewing the pieces. 

Princess Diana remained a loyal client after the company closed thanks to the beautiful friendship formed with Fratini over the years. Diana continued to commission designs by the passionate British designer for many years. 

Own a vintage Gina Fratini piece and wear a designer who has captured the hearts of many royals and celebrities through her lauded career.  

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