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Vintage Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is an important token of love and should be selected with great care and consideration to personal style. Halo, solitaire, princess or cushion cut; single-stone, side stones or bridal set – make that special seal of marriage standout with a unique vintage or antique engagement ring. With historical charm, exquisite craftsmanship and elaborate embellishments, a vintage engagement ring carries memories of love from the past and may have been passed on for generations. Compared to modern, mass produced wedding rings, an antique or vintage wedding ring will stand out through intricate detailing such as more uniquely cut stones and better diamond quality. Vintage wedding rings and antique wedding rings also tend to have a slight tint of other colours in the stone, an interesting accent distinguishing them from their bright white contemporaries. Amongst vintage wedding rings, you are also likely to find a more diverse array of gemstone embellishments. Diamonds aside, antique and vintage engagement rings often boast rare emeralds, sapphires and pearls – thoughtful elements unveiling the historical significance of the engagement ring as the unrivalled symbol of love.

Some of the most popular engagement ring styles from the past which are still around today are the solitaire, with one single diamond; the three-stone setting ring; or the bridal set, with a matching engagement and wedding ring.

OfV says: Declare your love and dedication in a more meaningful way with an antique engagement ring or a vintage engagement ring with a story worth living on. Whether you’re on the lookout for a classic vintage diamond ring or a more elaborate antique or retro-nodding shape, our selection of vintage and antique fine and custom jewellery rings from some of the most sought-after brands and jewellers over the past century is sure to inspire. Consider an antique Victorian, Edwardian or Art Nouveau diamond-embellished ring for their timeless, historic appeal; or a trending vintage Art Deco ring in twisted 1920s novelty shapes for their marvellous modernity. Complete the look in time for the wedding with a complementing vintage or antique necklace, bracelet, brooch and pair of earrings from our impressive selection of fine and custom vintage jewellery. Also, don’t miss our hand curated edit of vintage wedding dresses.

At Open for Vintage, we consider everyone as a collector with a desire to possess beautiful things with a story worth living on. Our curated edit of unique and contemporary vintage and pre-owned fashion pieces are hand-picked for their individuality, relevance, and of course, style appeal.

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Vintage Art Deco Solitaire Diamond and Platinum Ring with Diamond Shoulders

Art Deco single stone ring with a transitional cut diamond in a square platinum setting, circa 1920
CHF 3 709.71

Antique Late 19th Century Solitaire Diamond and 18 Carat Rose Gold Target Ring

Solitaire diamond ring with a circular rub over 18 carat rose and white gold ring
CHF 2 443.13

Antique Edwardian Diamond shaped Diamond and Yellow Gold Ring

Edwardian ring with diamonds arranged in a diamond shaped platinum setting, circa 1915
CHF 2 378.84

Antique Late Victorian Solitaire Diamond Ring in an Elaborate Yellow Gold Setting

Late Victorian single stone diamond ring with a scrolling ellipse 18 carat yellow gold setting
CHF 2 128.10

Antique Edwardian 3 Stone Diamond Set 18 Carat Yellow Gold Ring

Edwardian Etruscan style ring set with three diamonds and with a twisted rope detail, circa 1910
CHF 1 626.61

Antique Edwardian Diamond and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring

Edwardian solitaire ring with a single diamond in a platinum clawed setting, circa 1915
CHF 4 956.99

Vintage Art Deco Diamond and 18 Carat White Gold Diamond Ring

Art Deco diamond solitaire ring in a beautifully engraved square shaped setting, circa 1920
CHF 2 378.84

Antique Late Victorian Diamond and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring

Late Victorian solitaire ring set in a 18 carat yellow gold clawed setting, circa 1880
CHF 2 816.03

Vintage 1960s Three Stone Diamond Twist Ring

1960s twist ring with three diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold
CHF 2 443.13

Vintage Art Deco Three Stone Diamond and Platinum Ring

Art Deco platinum ring with three graduated transitional cut diamonds, circa 1920
CHF 2 443.13

Vintage Art Deco Solitaire Square Milgrain Platinum and Yellow Gold ring

Art Deco ring with an intricate square milgrain setting set with a diamond, circa 1920
CHF 2 365.98

Antique Edwardian Square Set Solitaire Diamond Ring

Edwardian solitaire diamond ring set in 18 carat white and yellow gold, circa 1915
CHF 1 813.06

Antique Edwardian 3 Stone Sapphire and Diamond Yellow Gold Ring

Edwardian 3 stone ring with 1 sapphire and 2 diamonds set in a 18 carat yellow gold
CHF 2 243.83

Vintage Art Deco Diamond and 18 Carat White Gold Ring

Art Deco ring set with 3 old cut diamonds in a shaped white gold setting, circa 1920
CHF 1 189.42

Vintage Art Deco 1920s Twist Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Art Deco sapphire and diamond 18 carat yellow and platinum ring, circa 1920
CHF 2 436.71

Antique Edwardian Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Edwardian rich blue sapphire ring with a single sapphire surrounded by old cut diamonds, circa 1910
CHF 4 069.75

Antique Edwardian 3 Stone Diamond Platinum and Yellow Gold Ring

Edwardian ring with 3 transitional cut diamonds set in platinum, circa 1915
CHF 2 443.13

Antique Late Victorian Emerald and Diamond Ring

18 carat yellow gold ring with a single emerald cut Colombian emerald surrounded by diamonds
CHF 3 696.85

Antique Late Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring

Late Victorian ring made in England circa 1880 with an old European cut diamond centre
CHF 4 069.75

Vintage Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Geometric Cluster Ring

Art Deco ring with a rounded square and diamond shaped design set with old cut diamonds, circa 1920
CHF 2 115.24

Vintage 1920s Art Deco Diamond Panel Ring

A beautifully detailed British made Art Deco ring, circa 1920
CHF 7 348.69

Vintage halo set diamond solitaire ring

Single brilliant cut halo setting diamond ring in 18 carat white gold
CHF 4 924.84

Vintage three stone diamond and platinum ring

Three stone emerald cut diamond ring with brilliant cut shoulders set in platinum
CHF 5 728.51

Vintage solitaire diamond and rose gold ring

Solitaire ring with a brilliant cut diamond and 18 carat rose gold with pinched shoulders
CHF 11 476.30

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