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Give Luxury a New Life

Apr 20, 2023

Give Luxury a New Life

This Earth Day, the theme is ‘Invest In Our Planet’, and for us, that means investing in our wardrobe and in ways to make every purchase even more sustainable.

Did you know?

Did you know statistics predict that fashion waste may increase to 148 million tonnes by 2030, and that fast fashion produces more carbon emissions per minute than driving a car around the world 6 times? It’s why we’re encouraging customers to buy less and buy better, shopping for sustainable vintage pieces at a sustainable rate.

Why shop Vintage?

Because over a third of retailers say they would be encouraged to cut new production if resale was successful. This means the more we shop pre-loved and grow the luxury resale industry, the fewer new pieces may be produced.

But it’s not all about the companies, enjoying fashion sustainably makes us happier as consumers too: ¼ of us say that the thrill of shopping lasts longer when we buy second-hand. Vintage shopping gives us the thrill of the chase, an almost sporting hunt for the perfect piece, and a sense of satisfaction when we find it that just can’t be beaten.

Open to Better

Why stop there? We all have pieces in our wardrobes that we once loved and don’t wear, either because they’re broken or just not to our taste anymore. That’s why we’ve launched new circular services: The Loop, Repair & Restore, and Personal Shopping. With The Loop, you can trade in old bags for OFV credit, allowing you to stay within the sustainable fashion economy and find something new (to you). With Repair & Restore, we can bring your used bags back to life. And with our Personal Shopping service, we’ll help you find what you love second-hand, first. Simply email concierge@openforvintage.com with your shopping request and a member of our Concierge team will get back to you.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability here. And if you’re reading from America, you can support sustainable fashion efforts by signing the Earth Day petition.

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