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Vintage Designer Shoulder Bags

One of the latest arrivals to the history of handbags, shoulder bags are a relatively modern inclusion to the contemporary wardrobe.  No nonsense and hands free, they reflect the activities of women as they have changed over the 20th century.  During the 2nd World War compulsory gas masks and women’s forces uniforms required the wearing of the shoulder bags and satchels and their style filtered through to civilian style.  Today, they are one of the most popular forms of handbag from the cross body bag to the satchel, they come in every form, little and large. Worn long or short or, even slung over your back while you cycle, they can be the best choice when we are on the go in the city.

However, their practicality does not diminish their look in the style stakes.  Shoulder bags are included as some of the most iconic bags on the planet from designers such as Chanel.  Their longevity in fashion is testament, not just to their appearance, but to the number of women who have loved these bags for more than looks alone.  The classic Chanel 2.55, introduced to the world by Coco Chanel in February 1955 was actually a reincarnation of a bag originally made in 1929 which Chanel designed specifically to free her hands.  In the 1950s it was an instant and lasting success, with its adaptable chain shoulder strap and its beautiful looks which allow it to be as easily worn with everything from a beautiful dress to a pair of beaten up jeans. This bag holds its own. 

It is this adaptability of shoulder bags which suited the busy lives and stylish of women in the 20th century.  Gucci’s classic 1950s Hobo bag the ‘Constance’ became the ‘Jackie’ the year the Kennedy’s entered the White House.  And in the 1960 and 1970s, two-way bags were favoured with the detachable shoulder strap creating a sleek look for wearing with trousers and the introduction of Courrèges pantsuits in 1964 and Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Le Smoking’ dinner suit of 1966.  Equally popular in the 1970s were saddle bags of every form, a style which has been adapted in every material and size, and which remains a popular for the bohemian edge.  So whether you are looking for a statement piece, a small cross body or a simple classic, take a look at our Open for Vintage selection of vintage shoulder bags from decades past to find your new inspiration.


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Chanel Caviar CC Mark Plate Red Tote Bag

Size : H 21cm — W 26 cm — D 5cm Shoulder 56cm
HK$13,546.03 HK$20,142.79

Chanel Denim CF Chain Mini Light Blue Shoulder Bag

Made in France With guarantee card, serial number sticker
HK$27,897.77 HK$41,494.16

Chanel Turn-Lock Magenta Mini shoulder Bag

With guarantee card
HK$16,063.88 HK$17,725.66

Gucci Ostrich Lady Lock 2way Brown Top Handle Bag

Size : H 25cm x W 29cm x D 11cm Chain 92cm Handle 28cm
HK$11,582.11 HK$12,740.32

Chanel Caviar Skin Diana Flap Chain 25cm Beige Shoulder Bag

Made in France With serial number sticker S
HK$28,350.98 HK$31,221.33

Chanel Silk Satin CF Chain Black Mini Shoulder Bag

Made in France With guarantee card and serial number sticker
HK$15,459.59 HK$16,919.95

Hermes Kelly Sports PM Blue de Malte Shoulder Bag

Size : H 23cm — W 20cm — D 9cm Shoulder 116- 122cm Adjustable holes: 3
HK$48,695.21 HK$57,910.53

Chanel Caviar Skin Logo Charm Yellow Waist Bag

Size : H 15cm — W 20cm — D 5cm Belt 79-87cm(Adjustable holes: 4) Indicate size 34inch
HK$7,049.98 HK$7,704.62

Bottega Veneta Suede Logo Black Waist Pouch

Size : H 9cm — W 11cm — D 5cm Shoulder 61cm - 81cm(8 hole for adjustment)

Chanel Turn-Lock Chain Shoulder bag in Champagne Gold

Made in France with serial number sticker
HK$18,682.44 HK$20,444.94

Chanel Cotton Diana Flap Chain 25cm Yellow Shoulde Bag

Made in France With guarantee card, serial number sticker
HK$21,250.65 HK$23,264.93

Salvatore Ferragamo Gamma Gancini Canvas Black Vintage Messenger Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo black Gamma Gancini canvas zip up messenger bag with dull silver tone hardware

Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Lime Green Vintage Crossbody Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo lime green leather saddle bag shape crossbody bag with gold tone hardware and a inverted palm shaped clasp

Valentino Leather Rockstud black vintage Shoulder Bag

GOOD CONDITION - Some light wear of use.

Valentino Garavani Leather Red Vintage Shoulder Bag

Valentino Garavani Red Leather Shoulder Bag Handbag with Front Pockets

The Bridge Brown Vintage Leather Tote Handbag

Vintage The Bridge tote handbag in brown leather with a shoulder strap.

Roberta Di Camerino Vintage Tricolor Velvet Shoulder Bag

GOOD CONDITION - Some light wear of use.

Roberta Di Camerino Leather Messenger Velvet Trim White Vintage Shoulder Bag

Roberta Di Camerino White Leather Shoulder Bag Messenger with Velvet Trim

Roberta Di Camerino velvet Blue Fabric & Red vintage Shoulder Bag

Roberta Di Camerino Vintage Blue Fabric & Red Velvet Shoulder Bag

Roberta Di Camerino Leather Horse Head detail black vintage bag

Roberta Di Camerino Vintage Black Leather Handbag with Horse Heads

Love Moschino beige Quilted Crossbody Bag with Detachable Wallet

EXCELLENT CONDITION - Used once or twice. Imperceptible signs of wear

Miu Miu Distressed Leather Green Vintage Shoulder Bag

Miu Miu shoulder bag in light green distressed leather with smoother leather handles and trim and silver tone hardware

Liebeskind Berlin Brown Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Liebeskind shoulder bag in brown leather with silver toe hardware

Liebeskind Berlin Green Embossed Snake Leather Maxine Tote Bag

Liebeskind snakeskin textured zip top green tote bag with detachable shoulder strap

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