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Luggage & Vanity Cases

Historically, the most common types of luggage were chests or trunks made of wood or other heavy materials, which would be shipped by professional movers. With the rise of travel for work and leisure after the Second World War, smaller and more lightweight suitcases and bags that can be carried by an individual have (luckily) taken over as the main form of personal luggage.

Today, travel bags (whether referred to as baggage or luggage) have developed into its own category within the luxury bag segment. Suit cases and their rolling successors (any modern traveller’s best friend, invented in 1970), garment bags, vanity cases, weekend bags, rucksacks, gym bags.. The contemporary offering is extensive and caters for all your carrying needs. Antique and vintage baggage such as a classic briefcase, carpet bag or even a trunk are often beautifully handcrafted sporting intricate detailing and impressive carry capacity. One thing is for sure: with both vintage and pre-owned designer baggage, you’re in for unrivalled quality and style.

Whether you’re a fashionable jet-setter or out for an old school adventure, rely on vintage travel bags and luggage to make a stylish statement on the journey. Matching monogram canvas pieces from Louis Vuitton are a much coveted travel icon; sleek weekend bags and suitcases from Gucci are ideal for keeping your belongings in pristine condition for shorter trips; and a Prada briefcase in the house’s signature Saffiano leather is the bag for smart first impressions. Retro-nodding vintage vanity bags, train case bags and box bags add instant movie star appeal; and designer vintage backpacks make out the perfect marriage between prestige and practicality.

OfV says: Our vast collection of pre-owned designer and vintage travel bags spans a wide range of eras and styles. Find your perfect travel companion with our travel bag collection of fine luggage from the great French and Italian houses; minimal weekend bags from practically-minded Belgian conceptualists; and stunning rare vintage pieces with a story. The Open for Vintage range of designer baggage is a treat especially for those on the lookout for a more unisex or masculine-looking bag, and the edit is also full of unique gift ideas for the sartorial traveller.

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