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Vintage Designer Handbags

The perfect handbag.  An expression of very personal taste no other accessory has the ability to make such a style statement on its own.  The perfect handbag is something we buy for ourselves. It may follow your style but it is always bought for your sole enjoyment (and possibly to inspire a little envy in others!)  While we might wear clothes which might, on occasion, increase our allure, a bag is never going to be part of the attraction. We doubt an admirer would ever say: ‘she had a lovely smile, great hair and the most beautiful bag’!  But this does not diminish the importance we place on the handbags in our lives or the way we want to wear them day to day, (with or without admirers.)  Handbags in the 20th century also importantly represent a woman’s independent life outside the home. 

Over the 20th century women in the public eye have had their names inextricably linked to iconic bags.  As an expression of their style and characters, they have been part of famous photographs of these women which are still admired today for their timeless style.  Hermès is a brand which has most famously associated its creations with their wearers.  Famously, the 1930s ‘Sac à dépêches’, a popular forerunner of the vintage box bags of later decades, was worn by Grace Kelly in Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch and Thief’ in 1954 and later used by the Princess to hide her baby bump, eventually rechristened the ‘Kelly’ bag in 1977.  And what bag could be better known than the bag which still stands at the very top of the luxury handbag market: The Birkin.  So named after actress Jane Birkin who, in 1983, on a flight from Paris to London bemoaned the lack of good leather weekend bags to the then Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas.  Dumas went on to adapt a 1982 bag in black leather and the Birkin was born.

However, not every vintage bag has to be a vintage designer bag.  Unknown masters of the art from the past 100 years have created handbags synonymous of their era and which not only chart the progression of vintage handbags through the century but also still maintain timeless style, elegance or charm and can be all the better for the mild patina their age has afforded them.  You can find simple form and function of the 1940s when, in post war Britain, Vogue encouraged readers to spend wisely and ‘chose large important bags and good shoes and gloves.’ Through early flap bags called ‘swing bags’ of the  1950s, patent leather and plastic creations of the 1960s, suede, applique and saddle bags of 1970s and beyond.  Vintage handbags continue to inspire current designers and, when a design is perfect, those styles never go out.  Find your perfect vintage designer bag from the Open for Vintage collection.

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Chanel Boy Wallet - New - Blue Patent Leather Zip Around With Box

Blue, Patent leather, New with box
CHF 993.21

Hermes Dark Teal Clemence Leather Garden Party Tote

Hermes Garden party tote in very good condition.
CHF 3 459.81

Hermes Black Clemence Leather 35cm Birkin Bag

Hermes Black 35cm Birkin in excellent condition.
CHF 12 707.88

Chanel Diamond Shaped Patched Fringe Chain Bag

Chanel Diamond Shaped Patched Fringe Chain Bag
CHF 2 558.68

Grey Chanel Crystal Clutch Rhinestone Handbag

Grey Chanel Crystal Clutch Rhinestone Handbag Pristine
CHF 4 472.75

Pink Hermes Togo Dogon Combined Wallet - Pink

Pink pebbled leather Togo Dogon combined wallet by Hermes.
CHF 1 302.36 CHF 2 058.78

2008 Hermes Dark Brown Epson Leather Kelly 36 Bag With Shoulder Strap

Really nice Hermes Kelly 36 Bag in Dark Brown Epson Leather.
CHF 8 813.96

Chanel Boston Pinky Brown Quilted Leather Hand Bag

Authentic Chanel Mini Boston handbag in pinky brown quilted leather and patent leather on piping and handles
CHF 1 203.70

Chanel Navy Quilted Canvas No.5 Charm Flap Mini Hand Bag

This is Authentic Chanel handbag.
CHF 545.94

Louis Vuitton Sunshine Rose Monogram Denim 2 Way Bag - 2010 Spring-Summer Collection.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Sunshine Rose monogram denim bag.
CHF 986.64

Cartier Must Line Turn Lock Red Backpack

Cartier Must Line Turn Lock Backpack s
CHF 355.19

Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Green Epi Leather Duffle Travel Bag

Authentic Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 travel bag.
CHF 703.80

Louis Vuitton Alma Blue Epi Leather Hand Bag

Authentic Louis Vuitton Alma bag in Epi leather.
CHF 769.58

Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Kenyan Fawn Brown Epi Leather City Hand Bag

Authentic Louis Vuitton epi leather speedy 25 hand bag.
CHF 526.21

Vintage Chanel vertical quilted black shoulder bag

Vintage Chanel vertical quilted black shoulder bag
CHF 2 308.07

Chanel Lilac Leather Classic Flap Shoulder Bag

Chanel lilac classic flap in excellent condition.
CHF 3 867.62

Rare Hermes Grey Chevre 50cm XXL Travel Kelly Bag

Hermes grey travel kelly tote in excellent condition.
CHF 12 707.88

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