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Vintage Cufflinks

Formal sartorial cufflink codes belong in the past – today, men’s designer cufflinks are most commonly used to add a fun, personable touch to men’s formalwear, and has grown to become one of the most popular pieces of jewellery amongst boys and men.


Vintage cufflinks were designed for use with shirts without buttons on the cuffs. These may be either single or double-length ("French") cuffs, and may be worn either "kissing", with the ends pinched together, or "barrel-style", with one end overlapping the other. Today, "kissing" cuffs are the most popular style.

The modern cufflink became popular by the middle of the 19th century, as shirt fronts, collars and cuffs were made sturdier, and buttons sometimes wouldn’t be strong enough to secure the cuffs. The industrial revolution meant that these could be mass-produced, making them available in every price category.

Vintage cufflink designs vary widely, with the most traditional one, the "double-panel", consisting of a short post or chain connecting two disc-shaped parts. Cufflinks can be worn with both casualwear and businesswear, all the way to very dressy styles such as semi-formal (black tie or Stroller), and formal wear (morning dress or white tie). Pear cufflinks are often preferred for white tie events, and traditionally it was considered important to match the metal of one’s cufflinks with other metals worn, such as rings and watches. In 1904, French shirtmaker Charvet introduced knot-shaped cufflinks made with silk, which are still popular alternatives to the metal ones to date.

OfV says: Accentuate your smart business attire or add a personal touch to your wedding suit with a pair of unique vintage cufflinks or men’s designer cufflinks. With a special flair for antique cufflinks, our delightful edit of pre-owned and vintage cufflinks spans an impressive array of pieces hailing from the 1800s to date. The Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Victorian cufflinks in gold with gemstone embellishments are standout. For men who are more dapper than dandy, try a pair of logo embossed designer cufflinks from iconic brands like Dior; or retro-nodding 1960s/1970s stone cufflinks in geometrical shapes.

At Open for Vintage, we consider everyone as a collector with a desire to possess beautiful things with a story worth living on. Our curated edit of unique and contemporary vintage and pre-owned fashion pieces are hand-picked for their individuality, relevance, and of course, style appeal.

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Antique Edwardian Oval 18 Carat Yellow Gold and Diamond Cufflinks

Pair of Edwardian cufflinks with diamonds set in long oval 18 carat yellow gold settings, circa 1915

Antique Art Nouveau 18 Carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Each cufflink depicting a relief portrait of an elegant woman and branches of foliage, circa 1905

Antique Victorian Chalcedony and Emerald 18 Carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Unusual chalcedony cufflinks set with emeralds in 18 carat yellow gold, circa 1860

Vintage Art Deco Square Platinum and Diamond Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco cufflinks in platinum set with diamonds, circa 1920

Vintage Art Deco Platinum, Yellow Gold and Garnet Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco cufflinks with cabochon cut garnets in platinum settings, circa 1925

Antique Edwardian 18 Carat Yellow Gold and Black Enamel Cufflinks

Edwardian 18 carat yellow gold engine turned cufflinks with black enamel, circa 1910

Vintage 1960s Yellow, Rose and White Gold Engraved Cufflinks

Pair of vintage 1960s three gold oval cufflinks with engraved stripes

Antique Art Nouveau Black Onyx and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of oval shaped cufflinks with black onyx stones is yellow gold settings, circa 1905

Vintage Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Black Enamel Cufflinks

Pair of platinum cufflinks set with round cut diamonds surrounded by black enamel, circa 1925

Antique circa 1860 Opal Set 18 Carat Yellow Gold Enamelled Cufflinks

Pair of mid 19th century circular enamelled cufflinks set with opals

Vintage Art Deco Octagonal Engraved Platinum and Diamond Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco Platinum cufflinks each set with a single old cut diamond, circa 1925

Vintage Art Deco Red Enamel and 18 Carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco rectangular red enamel and 18 carat yellow gold cufflinks, made circa 1925

Antique Edwardian Garnet Set 9 Carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of Edwardian Cufflinks set with garnets in a star setting, made circa 1910

Antique Edwardian Circular Mother of Pearl, Enamel and Natural Pearl Cufflinks

Pair of Edwardian 18 carat yellow gold cufflinks set with white enamel, mother of pearl and pearls circa 1910

Antique Edwardian Circular Carnelian, Onyx and Diamond Cufflinks

Pair of 18 carat yellow gold cufflinks with red carnelian, black onyx and diamonds made circa 1910

Vintage 1970s Rectangular Silver and Striped Agate Cufflinks

Pair of retro 1970s silver and polished brown striped agate cufflinks

Antique Late Victorian Striped Agate and Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of late Victorian triangular polished striped agate cufflinks set in 9 carat yellow gold made circa 1880

Antique Edwardian Oval Hammered Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of 18 carat yellow gold oval cufflinks hammered in an Arts and Crafts style circa 1910

Antique Edwardian 18 Carat White and Yellow Gold Engine Turned Cufflinks

Pair of 18 carat white and yellow gold oval shaped cufflinks with fine engine turned decoration circa 1910

Vintage Art Deco Hexagonal Diamond, Onyx and Carnelian Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco 18 carat yellow gold cufflinks with a central diamond in a red carnelian and black onyx hexagonal setting, circa 1925

Antique Tiffany Opal and Mother of Pearl 18 carat Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Pair of Tiffany circular cufflinks made circa 1910, in Tiffany box

Vintage Art Deco Geometric Platinum and Diamond Cufflinks

Pair of Art Deco platinum cufflinks set with brilliant and emerald cut diamonds, circa 1925

Antique Art Nouveau 18 carat gold and diamond cufflinks

Pair of square shaped pierced 18 carat yellow gold diamond set cufflinks circa 1905