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Antique & Vintage Bracelets

The beauty of bracelets lies in their rich historical and cultural legacy, and as a style statement, in their versatility. From pearls to plastic, bracelets have been made from all sorts of materials and come in various shapes and designs, often embellished with jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals and metal. Throughout fashion history, different styles of bracelets have emerged and become trademarks for specific cultures, eras and designers. Below we have untangled the most significant bracelet styles over the decades to help you in your search for the perfect antique or vintage wrist décor.

Charm bracelet

A charm is a decorative pendant or trinket. While traditional charms dangle, Italian charm bracelets feature individual pieces soldered flat onto the surface of the link. For an instant sartorial outfit lift, invest in a Chanel chain charm bracelet with the signature gold tone metal monogram.


Rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, or plastic, are referred to as bangles or bangle bracelets. They can be smooth or textured, open or closed, and the bangle has been a recurring piece in several cult brands’ accessory repertoire. Try Chanel’s statement bangle bracelets from the 1980s and 1990s with bold embossed CC monograms; or Hermès leather-trimmed outings inspired by buckles and belts.

Link bracelets

Link bracelets are bracelets made from connecting or linking various or similar components or jewellery findings. These are often made from metals and gemstones, and frequently used for vintage watches. As a piece of jewellery, this type of bracelet was popular in the 1940s and 1950s with brands like Christian Dior. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or statement, time has treated us to an exciting array of vintage link bracelets to explore.

OfV says: From elegant Swarovski-embellished link chains to retro-nodding statement logo cuffs, adorn your wrists (or ankles!) with beautiful vintage and antique bracelets celebrating style and individuality. Complete the look with our evolving one-off range of vintage and pre-owned earrings, rings and necklaces. Shopping for a gift? Get in touch with our in-house vintage fashion enthusiasts who will help you find that special sparkly gem (hint: start of by browsing our cult vintage Chanel bracelets)

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Antique Victorian Black Hand Painted Boy Horn Pendant

Antique Victorian hand-painted boy horn pendant in black.
10,991.60 (INR)

Carlo Zini White Snake Bangle Bracelet

Carlo Zini bangle bracelet in white resin with a gold snake and crystal detailing.
84,550.77 (INR)

Chanel 1990s Gold and Silver Logo and Charm Perspex Bangle

Chanel 1997 square perspex bangle with charms, logos and chains suspended inside
62,567.57 (INR)

Vintage 80s Black and Gold Metal Wild Cuff Bracelet

Vintage 80s black and gold metal wild cuff bracelet
51,994.50 (INR)

Vintage 80s Gold Chain Charms Bracelet

Vintage 80s gold chain charms (crystal rhinestones hearts, crowns, key lock, etc
57,193.52 (INR)

Chanel Gold Tone Logo Chain Bracelet

Chanel chain bracelet with a logo motif.
45,657.42 (INR)

Chanel 1990s Gold Tone Plate Chain Bracelet

Chanel 1990s chain bracelet in gold tone metal with a logo plate.
34,243.06 (INR)

Chanel Gold Tone Tassel Monogram Bracelet

Chanel bracelet in gold tone metal with a monogram and tassel detailing.
56,226.26 (INR)

Valentino 1980s Gilt Diamante Gold Tone Bow Bracelet

Vintage Valentino Gilt Diamante Bow Bracelet.
33,820.31 (INR)

Hermes Collier De Chien Orange Swift Leather and Palladium Bracelet

Hermes Orange Collier de Chien Bracelet.
84,550.77 (INR)

Chanel CC Mark Gold Tone Bangle Bracelet

Size : H 3.5cm — Overall length 17cm
31,706.54 (INR)

Chanel Gold Tone Monogram Bangle Bracelet

Chanel bangle bracelet in gold tone metal with embossed monograms.
32,974.80 (INR)

Chanel 1993 Gold Tone Heart Bangle Bracelet

Chanel 1993 bangle bracelet in gold tone metal with heart and monogram motifs.
38,047.85 (INR)

Chanel 1995 Gold Tone Monogram Bangle Bracelet

Chanel bangle bracelet in gold tone metal with a monogram motif from 1995.
38,470.60 (INR)

Hermes Sterling Silver Farandole Bracelet

Hermes Farandole chain bracelet in sterling silver.
62,990.32 (INR)

Chanel Gold Tone Stone Embellished Bangle Bracelet

Chanel bangle bracelet in gold tone metal with brown stone embellishments.
69,331.63 (INR)

Chanel 1997 Black Monogram Bangle Bracelet

Chanel 1997 bangle bracelet in quilted black leather with a monogram detailing.
70,599.89 (INR)

Edouard Rambaud 1980s Haute Couture Faux Pearl Gold Tone Charm Bracelet

Edouard Rambaud large faux pearl bracelet interspersed with different shaped monogram gold tone charms
12,598.06 (INR)

Vintage French Purple Crystal Cocktail Bracelet

Silver and purple crystal French bracelet
5,495.80 (INR)

Rare limited Edition Chanel Black Wool and Gunmetal Charms Bracelet

Rare Chanel black wool and gunmetal charms bracelet in mint condition
168,678.78 (INR)

Hermes Gold Pink Rope Print Enamel Thin Bangle Bracelet

Hermes pink rope print enamel bangle bracelet in excellent condition
31,283.78 (INR)

Vintage 1970s Gold Metal Pearl Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

Vintage 1970s bracelet bangle in gold tone metal with pearls and rhinestones.
34,031.68 (INR)

Authentic Chanel Clear Acrylic and Gold Chain Bangle Bracelet

Fabulous Rare Chanel acrylic and gold chain bangle bracelet in excellent condition.
97,233.38 (INR)

Hermes Purple Gold Bridal Horse Equestrian Enamel Bangle Bracelet

Hermes purple and gold enamel bangle bracelet in excellent condition
71,868.15 (INR)

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