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COURRÈGES Vintage 1965 Space Age Eskimo Sunglasses

Iconic and well-documented Courrèges "Eskimo" sunglasses from 1965 with an off-white plastic frame and lenses with slit cutout details.
CHF 855.10

Courreges Black Wool Mod Dress - 1960's

Style Keyword : Dresses Label 1 : Womens > Dresses,Womens > Courreges Gender : Female Dial Colour : Black Mens/Womens : Womens specification : Black, , Size : Marked D - we suggest 14 (UK) / 10 (US)
CHF 867.96

1970s Courreges Towelling Lined Jacket Size 12

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers Label 1 : Womens > Jackets & Blazers,Womens > Courreges Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens specification : White, ,
CHF 250.74

Courreges Paris Hyperbole Vintage Black Straight Skirt Size 0

Style Keyword : Skirts Label 1 : Womens > Skirts,Womens > Courreges Gender : Female Dial Colour : Black Mens/Womens : Womens specification : Black, ,
CHF 248.43

Courreges 1960s Orange Wool Dress

This Courrèges dress from the late 1960s is the epitome of cuteness. It is made from an orange and white wool fabric with a deliberately raw, irregular structure.
CHF 372.90

Courreges 1970s Lattice Cable Knit Biscuit Brown Vintage Poloneck Jumper

Courrèges poloneck jumper with a loose striped cable knit
CHF 257.17

Courreges 1960s Wool and Silk Model 29074 White Vintage Midi Dress

Courrèges wool dress with long frill cuff sleeves and square neckline
CHF 668.65

Courreges 1970s Striped Brown and White Vintage Maxi Skirt

A vintage 1970's striped jersey skit with a slit to either side and elastic waist
CHF 360.04

Andre Courreges 1970s wool mod style mint green vintage midi dress

Iconic early 1970's mod dress with matching belt by André Courrèges
CHF 887.24

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