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Whether you’re looking for a cocktail dress that oozes sophistication or eye-catching daywear to set you apart from the crowd - then we guarantee our collection vintage Bill Blass is perfect for you! Bill Blass is an eccentric American designer with a glamorous style and dedication to designing luxurious womenswear, a skill he developed whilst working for Anna Miller in 1959. By 1960, the Bill Blass name began to make an appearance on the labels of his own creations and he soon became the first American designer to have his own name feature on his designs.

From a very early age, Blass had a true passion for fashion and creativity. At 15 years old, he began making and selling evening wear designs to a New York manufacturer which allowed him to save enough money to study fashion at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan.

His dedication to creating elegant and luxurious designs to flatter the female form led to him becoming the first male to win the Mademoiselle’s Design for Living Award at the tender age of just 18.

In 1967, after two decades of designing beautiful clothing, Blass successfully purchased the fashion house Maurice Rentner Ltd and in 1970 renamed it Bill Blass Ltd. Year after year the success of Bill Blass grew. He developed with the ever-changing times by introducing lines of menswear, swimwear, luggage, perfume and even chocolate! Something that has continued over recent years, with new directors designing modern, stylish American sportswear for women with pops of colour and intricate embellishments.

Blass’ methods of design and creativity continued to win him numerous awards and soon became a recognisable name in the industry. Bill Blass single handily changed the shape of womenswear; introducing luxury daywear to the world of fashion and winning him the admiration of icons including Jacqueline Kennedy and Gloria Vandabilt.

His talents didn’t end there and in 1976, Blass was approached by Ford Motor Company to design a special limited edition of the Continental Mark series of cars alongside Pucci, Givenchy and Cartier. The appreciation of his work meant that Ford awarded him with continued work and the Bill Blass edition was born.

His kind heart and generous gestures saw him offer a life-changing sum of money to the New York Public Library and out of appreciation of receiving the money, the library named the Public Catalogue Room the Bill Blass Public Catalogue Room at the Central Research Library at fifth and 42nd Street.

In 1999, after years of success, Blass sold the company for $50million and retired from the world of fashion. Although his designs and style have been admired and respected by new creative directors over the years, classic vintage Bill Blass designs from the peak of his career live on and will forever represent the era that changed fashion.



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Bill Blass Black Coat

322.2500 Label 1 : Womens Fashion > Womens Coats,Womens Fashion > Bill Blass Womens Fashion Length (inches) : 970 cm Style Keyword : Womens Coats Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens Clothing : Coats specification : Black, , Good

Green & Blue Bill Blass Textured Jacket & Dress Set

605.7500 Label 1 : Womens Fashion > Womens Jackets & Blazers,Womens Fashion > Bill Blass Womens Fashion,Sale Style : Revival Length (inches) : 24" Style Keyword : Womens Jackets & Blazers Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens Clothing : Jackets & Blazers specification : Blue, , Good Size : 12
$559.09 $696.71

1990s Bill Blass Vintage Couture Black Beaded Skirt for Saks 5th Avenue Size 10

862.2500 Label 1 : Womens Fashion > Womens Skirts ,Womens Fashion > Womens Skirts,Womens Fashion > Bill Blass Womens Fashion Style : Couture Style Keyword : Womens Skirts > Womens Skirts Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens Clothing : Skirts specification : Black, , Excellent Size : 10

Bill Blass Orange Plaid Skirt Suit with Wax Seal Buttons, 1980s

572.4320 Label 1 : Womens Fashion > Womens Suits,Womens Fashion > Bill Blass Womens Fashion Style Keyword : Womens Suits Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens Clothing : Suits specification : Orange, , Good Decade : 1980-1989

1980s Bill Blass Black Velvet Gown w/ Lace Detail

749.7950 Label 1 : Womens Fashion > Womens Dresses ,Womens Fashion > Womens Maxi Dresses,Womens Fashion > Bill Blass Womens Fashion Style Keyword : Womens Dresses > Womens Maxi Dresses Gender : Female Mens/Womens : Womens Clothing : Dresses specification : Black, , Good Decade : 1980-1989

Bill Blass for Bond Street 1970's Paisley Print Red and Orange Vintage Coat

Bill Blass for Bond Street coat in orange and red paisley print with belt and mandarin collar