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Referred to as a “king of French fashion”, Pierre Balmain is one of the designers accountable for the effortless Paris chic look. His modern dresses were simpler and less eccentric than the trending styles at the time, a quality that impressed on the likes of Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot. After a long period with Oscar de la Renta at the steering wheel, Balmain has found themselves a standing favourite amongst fashion editors and A-list celebs in recent years. Trust in Balmain for exquisite prints with a contemporary expression. Browse the Open for Vintage collection now for exclusive, luxury designer pieces from Balmain as well as other iconic brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Bottega Veneta.

Add a confident accent to your look with a Balmain print dresses, patterned trousers or statement accessory from the Open for Vintage collection now.

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Pierre Balmain gray suit jacket wool pants trousers blazer men's size 48 it

Style Keyword : Trousers ,Colour : Gray ,Gender : Male ,specification : Gray, Wool^Button, Excellent. ,

Balmain Jeans Double Zipper Dark Blue Moto 34 Blue Cotton Pre-Owned Used

Style Keyword : Trousers & Jeans ,Colour : Blue ,Gender : Female ,specification : Blue, , ,Size : 34 ,

1980s Pierre Balmain Jacket

Style Keyword : Jackets & Blazers ,Colour : Black ,Gender : Female ,specification : Black, Weave, Excellent. ,

Balmain Plaited Chain and Black Leather Belt

Balmain belt with a plaited silver tone snake link chain section and a black leather section with buckle.

Pierre Balmain 1960s Striped Gold & Metallic Blue Lurex Knitted Vintage Mini Dress

An amazing Pierre Balmain striped party dress from the late 1960s.

Pierre Balmain 1960s Seersucker Tie Waist Black Vintage Dress

Balmain dress striped seersucker type fabric with a overhanging bodice tied at the waist with incorporated tapes

Balmain 1960s Diagonal Check Orange Vintage Dress Suit

Balmain dress and jacket ensemble in orange and ivory check with a sleeveless dress and jacket with detachable bow

Pierre Balmain 1980s Red & Grey Striped Mens Silk vintage Tie

A 1980s Pierre Balmain Men's Striped Silk Tie

Pierre Balmain Silk Red Vintage Scarf

Medium sized Pierre Balmain Silk Scarf with carriage and buckle motif

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